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    New long-haul routes for airberlin

    The seat is the same as the old EY J seat. Fully flat but a bit narrow. It's upholstered in a firm leather, rather than the softer leather found on the QF A330 seat.
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    Is this water safe to drink?

    Most Western European cities have perfectly safe tap water but it may not taste as pleasant as water in Australian cities. I've even drunk from the public aquifers in Rome. Tasted better than the treated water from the hotel tap. Tap water in HK, Japan & Taiwan is palatable unless you're in a...
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    New business class product on the A330-300s coming in April 2016!

    AFAIK these are Thomson Vantage seats rather than Vantage XL as seen on QF. It's the same model on EI who also have the same 5-abreast config on A330s.
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    Best way to use mobile phone in Japan

    You may find Google Maps to be limited help. I was in Tokyo last week and Google Maps often had trouble finding my exact location. Possibly due to many tall buildings affecting GPS signal. Frustratingly Google Maps also neglected to advise which exit to use from train stations. You'll need to...
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    Hong Kong ideas [8am-4pm]

    Re: Hong Kong ideas You could spend a day hiking the Dragon's Back trail. It follows the ridge of the mountain on HK island. Get the MTR to Chai Wan then a bus to the start of the hike. You can also stop at Shek O for lunch or a swim at the beach.
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    AMEX Velocity Platinum Card - 100,000 Points / $349pa / $1000 Spend

    The card also earns 2 ppd at travel agents, so Agoda is probably classified as a travel agent. FWIW I booked on Airbnb and also got 2
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    oz currency and the 5 cent piece dinosaurs

    Given the value of the AUD it's probably a closer comparison to the CAD. They only just ditched 1c a few years ago. You can dump them into the self-service checkout at Coles/Woolies. They take $1 worth of 5c coins.
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    Travel Hacks/Tips

    Antibacterial wipes to clean the tray table and IFE / seat controls. Also useful for the TV remote in hotels - it never gets cleaned by housekeeping.
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    Best way to get Qantas status flying Melbourne - Tel Aviv and not fly for 30 hours..

    Re: Best way to get Qantas status flying Melbourne - Tel Aviv and not fly for 30 hou Avoiding RJ makes things quite difficult. You can fly the long way round, QF MEL-LAX, US LAX-PHL-TLV. But AA is axing TLV in January.
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    Best way to get Qantas status flying Melbourne - Tel Aviv and not fly for 30 hours..

    Re: Best way to get Qantas status flying Melbourne - Tel Aviv and not fly for 30 hou RJ is the best option for all flights on one ticket. Fly QF SYD-BKK, RJ BKK-AMM-TLV. DOH-AMM & DXB-AMM don't connect well with RJ's AMM-TLV flights so QF & QR are out. AY only runs HEL-TLV 2x weekly.
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    QF SIN Flash sale - $555 return are selling these fares cheaper - SYD-SIN only $518.
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    Qantas 737 Refurbishment tracker

    It looks like the bench space is gone, but the "sitting" area appears to be almost the same. Also the small galley areas in front of the doors have been removed.
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    Virgin Amex Velocity Platinum card now 110k points

    Re: Velocity Amex -110,000 POINTS, return free flight,4 lounge passes, travel insuran Hi smit0847, thanks for all the advice about the card. I've used your referral link and got instantly approved.
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    Are any Australian-registered commercial aircraft stuck in DPS?

    I imagine many holidaying in Bali did not purchase sufficient travel insurance, judging by the number of pax sleeping at the airport. Even when DPS has closed to all airlines, why not get a ferry to LOP and fly from there? Interestingly GA and XT have continued to fly to Australia when JQ and...
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    HSBC Capping Platinum Card, AMEX to follow suit and Citi not sure...

    Got my letter today too. I lol'd when I saw that they think $199 is competitive! I will be ditching this card before renewal.