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    Jestar seat selection with family of 5

    This is probably a thread necro, but Melbourne to coughet on Jetstar 2 adults and a 6 yr old and an 8 yr old. Each person sat in a row by themselveds. I was of the opinion that minors would not be split, but this flight had multiple examples of splits like these.
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    Lounge Meets October 2017

    Late notice. Qf1 today. Can guest 1 into first class lounge.
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    Wendouree allocations and general discussion

    Re: Wendouree 2016 allocations Wow....that escalated quickly. Btw, the hand written letter on personal stationary clearly displaying a family crest with the pages heavily perfumed is an inside joke going back to the late 90's. Never was and never has been hard to get on the list, but the...
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    Wendouree allocations and general discussion

    Just write to them via snail mail and request to join the mailing list. No special handshake required. Order a spread rather than just shiraz or cabernet that invariably gets auctioned.
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    Wendouree allocations and general discussion

    VIC red crayon box of each CC charged 14th July Wines started arriving 21st July People mainly miss out if they cherry pick the hot auction wines (Shiraz and Cab) This is my 3rd year on the list and have always ordered a box of each wine and have always got my full allocation.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Just to confirm, ANZ Black QFF AMEX pays 1.5ppd
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Paying via pty ltd
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was referring to the Qantas version of the ANZ Black card. Amex 1.5 QFFP per $1 Visa .75 QFFP per $1 Hence Amex 1.45 / 1.5 = 0.967 x 0.7 = 0.677 cents per QFFP Visa 0.42 / 0.75 = 0.56 x 0.7 = 0.392 cents per QFFP Similarly ANZ Rewards to Velocity is 2 to 1 Amex 1.45...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    With the ANZ Black which option would people choose? VISA 0.392 cents per point AMEX 0.677 cents per point I am leaning to the AMEX.
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    AMEX Velocity Platinum Card - 100,000 Points / $349pa / $1000 Spend

    Re: AMEX Velocity Platinum Card - 110,000 Points / $349pa / $1000 Spend 766 is in the Very Good territory. Mine is 780 and was approved for this card.
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    Virgin Amex Velocity Platinum card now 110k points

    Hi All, Used a referral link from this thread to get this card. Here is mine so hopefully someone else shares the love...
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    ANZ Platinum, 50k bonus QFF points after $1500 spend, no annual fee first year

    Hi all, Long time between drinks for me, but applied for this card this week and have been approved. Just a quick question. Does a payment to the ATO qualify for the 3k spend?
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    Less than favourable experience - V Australia Business class.

    Hi jad01, I havent been on the board for a while dont know what the norm/demographic of the posters are now. But quick question... Did you actually just ask "Can I have some wheatbix and milk please?" I understand there may be some mystique about business class and all that, but...
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    Jetstar complain

    OP has no leg to stand on. I have written in the past that the service culture in Australia is different to some Asian culture. I dont think the OP gets that point. Information we have here: -He did not have proof of onward travel. -He did not have a valid long stay visa (apart from a 90...
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    Good hotel <$130 ish with Brekkie in Hong Kong (HKG)

    muahahahaha I booked for March and 4 nights.