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Recent content by vetrade

  1. vetrade

    Revolut - another low fee FX provider launches in Australia

    FWIW, I haven't been charged any cash advance fees using my NAB VISA CC when transferring to Revolut and the money appears in my account instantaneously. Easy to deposit $AUD in your Revolut account where you can convert ("exchange") it to $USD, Euro or virtually any currency you want at very...
  2. vetrade

    Velocity Global Wallet is closing down in 2021

    Wish the email had come a week earlier - just last week I loaded some USD and the charges deducted amounted to 11.9% of my cash disappearing down a black hole. To add further insult their chat line is just a robot which is just as impossible to have a meaningful conversation with as a door knob...
  3. vetrade

    Building a Home

    Regarding water hammer in pipes, most people are under the misconception that it is caused by the pipe knocking on the framework, but that is not the cause at all - and it is not exacerbated by a steel frame. The hammer noise is actually caused by a sudden change in the velocity of the water in...
  4. vetrade

    Emirates baggage interline to Qantas on different PNR?

    You wouldn't be the only one with this problem so there are probably contingency plans in place at AKL. I wouldn't expect Emirates to interline on separate PNRs. Suggest you contact QF but you may need to get it sorted with ground staff at AKL after you arrive there. If they won't let you...
  5. vetrade

    Building a Home

    The developer is right about the fence - neighbours can't unilaterally decide on what type of fence is built and then expect you to foot half the cost, especially because you had no input into getting quotes or selecting the contractor. But I think you are obliged to have some type of side or...
  6. vetrade

    Best [Cheap] Curries around London?

    Obviously plenty of curry place choices but depending on where your travels take you (and at the risk of overkill) I can recommend Anupam, an unobtrusive Indian restaurant in a small lane off the main street in Great Malvern. Can't remember its name but there's also another very good one in...
  7. vetrade

    Building a Home

    The relationship between builder and home owner is for the most part out of the control of the home owner. Sure, it's a 2-way street but overall the onus is on the builder to supervise his trades properly to ensure a quality build. Low quality workmanship is good reason for any owner to be upset...
  8. vetrade

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    I have had the same problem so I've given up for the time being. No QF J availability for any of the international routes I've looked for but have seen J available on alternate routes with CX etc. - e.g. no QF J SYD - JNB but can get CX to JNB via HKG.
  9. vetrade

    South Africa Resuming International flights on Oct. 1

    Got notice overnight that South Africa is moving to Level 1 restrictions on Sept 21 and will resume international flights (via CPT and JNB only) as of 1st October, 2020, with some high risk countries to be excluded. Will be a moot point for Aussies for the time being because of the non...
  10. vetrade

    Building a Home

    Check out Houzz.com.au - pretty sure they have a free design tool.
  11. vetrade

    Qantas Dream Planner now live

    I can foresee an increase in spam emails from QF based on which flight sectors I enter in Dream Planner. :( Plus, I bet it becomes harder to snare reward seats because now all the people who are too lazy to "do the hard yards" searching for availability will get the info served up to them on a...
  12. vetrade

    What’s happened to “who”?

    You are absolutely correct, Buzzard. I'll blame old man's "fat finger syndrome" for the typo.
  13. vetrade

    What’s happened to “who”?

    For me the grammatical "race to the bottom" became inevitable the day the Macquarie Dictionary broadened the definition of "misogymy" to accommodate ex PM Julia Gillard's misuse of the word. That would be the same legally qualified Julia Gillard who cluelessly pronounced "hyperbole" in an...
  14. vetrade

    What’s happened to “who”?

    Pot / Kettle / Black x 2 Try this : I'm sure you know to whom I refer when I say ...................:)
  15. vetrade

    Building a Home

    To minimise the number of grout lines in our guest kitchenette, we used 900 x 300 plain white porcelain tiles for the splashback, arranged vertically. They were cheap and took minimal time to lay as they only needed a single cut to length on the long side. Only one vertical grout line every...