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    For those who have been comped status

    I had the same thing about a month back, saying I had been renewed for platinum (despite being well short of the necessary SCs) and next time I checked it had disappeared. I kept checking, but the Apr 16 expiry remained. About a week later, I received my new platinum card in the mail! I...
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    The WP shadow

    Yes, I was very happy with that. She did mention that she wasn't supposed to do it.:D
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    The WP shadow

    I had a similar experience with a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide Saturday morning, which had a return to Melbourne on Sunday night. I booked the trip some time back using a gift voucher, which had resulted in the "Your voucher has been created" message instead of the flight details in the...
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    I'm feeling a bit sad ...[My SC's are getting wiped today... =( ]

    I had 3800 SCs wiped yesterday. I doubt whether I will get anything like that number again, but hopefully will be able to retain platinum once I lose the current P1,despite enhancements.......
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    Heads up about program changes

    As a P1 until well into next year, I will be staying with Qantas for the foreseeable future. I know I will not requalify for P1 next year after these enhancements, but am hopeful I can maintain WP in the longer term. Being a self-funded customer with a lot of QFF points saved up, I can see...
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    27th February Big Qantas announcement

    According to the reports on 3AW, the QF services to JNB are going. No hints as to which other routes will go. Hopefully some of their economising might see the demise of some of their less successful Jetstar partnerships within Aisa, but I fear the target will be more mainline QFi routes as...
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    Ticket to Day 1 - Boxing Day Test (VERY Short Notice)

    Hi, I am one of the lucky Melbourne-based P1s who was given a couple of tickets to day 1 of the Boxing Day Test. Unfortunately a friend who was going to attend with me cannot attend. If you are interested, please reply to the post I made under Platinum One Experiences in the Qantas Forum...
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    Long Time Lurker - At Last Something to Contribute

    Hi, I am one of the long-time lurkers on AFF, having originally joined AFF at the time of the famous AMEX 1000 points bonuses of late 2008. I have loved all of the info I have received in the meantime, and have gone from lowly bronze to having reached P1 in September this year. I certainly...
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    Platinum One experiences?

    I am certainly in a sweet spot with QF at the moment, particularly P1. I became a P1 back in about September, and have since had a couple of domestic upgrades and was one of the lucky Melbourne P1 members to have been given a couple of tickets to the Boxing Day Test. Very happy with the...