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    Expired credit card at check in

    Never been asked on SQ and made lots of bookings direct. However have been asked in the past 12 months both by TG and CI direct bookings. To be fair, both had called out clearly in their ticket paperwork that you must have the card the ticket was booked with at check in (or present it to an...
  2. R - see direct flights from any airport

    I track a number of new apps and website technologies as part of my work. Came across this today (not to be confused with a bunch of similarly named flight booking sites). It's claim to fame is that it shows all direct flights from any particular airport. After a quick play...
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    QF network changes [744 PER/SYD & 330 PER/SIN]

    They did. I remember the -300s. It was a disaster. Virtually every flight was delayed with technical issues (I think a combination of end of life planes and restricted capability in Perth). I well remember the afternoon flight out of Perth turning into the midnight flight and then the next day 7...
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    Best Tool for Paid Flights From Multiple Origins

    Thanks for the suggestion to combine Google Flights with my searches on ITA Matrix. I can see (and Jetpack has also suggested) that you can enter 5 originating cities at a time and this will bring up the LCCs too. I certainly wouldn't dismiss Scoot Biz or the like from time to time.
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    Best Tool for Paid Flights From Multiple Origins

    Yes, I have a couple of search strings I use and have stored so I just cut and paste in each time rather than typing. One for main departure ports and one for most of the secondary ports. I think I have it covered but always worry (!) there might be one other port I've missed and that has that...
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    Best Tool for Paid Flights From Multiple Origins

    I've had a fair bit of success with using my various points to fly at the pointy end between Sydney and Europe for annual holidays and then find a cheap(ish) business class flight home. For example, last year I used points to fly business to London on Singapore Airlines (plus AUD 452 taxes etc.)...
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    Security - what's the most senseless confiscation?

    Spent most of a day working at a chemical/explosives factory. The kind where you can't get past the front gate until you take the full safety instruction and then pass the test. Straight back to MEL airport afterwards. Pulled aside to be swabbed after going through security. Thought, OK this is...