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    AMEX Westpac Altitude programme ends 24 Feb 2021

    Can anyone help me with the contact number to transfer points out of my previous Altitude Amex account? Got the letters a while ago and have received my new Elevate Platinum Amex card but in the middle of renos so can't find the letter(s). Think there was a cut-off date for on-line transferring...
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    ANZ frequent flyer black card

    Even if there is no affordability issue, even with the cards max'd out?
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    ANZ frequent flyer black card

    Maybe but the result is not good for either ANZ or me - pretty dumb business practice
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    ANZ frequent flyer black card

    No, I did not supply my 2018 NOA as my 2018 return hasn't been submitted however I spoke to a credit card application staff member and then their supervisor. I was advised that the need for the 2018 return and NOA could be avoided by authorising the ANZ bank staff to contact my accountant...
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    ANZ frequent flyer black card

    Applied for this card as it offered 120k QFF points and a heap of status credits. I'm self employed so they initially required the latest tax return but as this hasn't been finalised yet, I put the ANZ bank people in touch with my accountant (much longer story here cut short!). Heard soon...
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    I have a co-branded Westpac altitude Black Amex card and the rewards points are managed by Westpac not Amex, I think, so I have not received any information about reduced earning or transfer value. I have spoken to the altitude phone line and they say thy are not aware of any changes. Does...
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    No more card retention teams ?

    Interesting outcome from consumer protection law changes - I doubt these consequences were deliberate. One matter to be aware of when considering cancelling a card is that you may loose any accumulated points unless you can transfer them into the target airline program. BTW has anyone posted...
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    Westpac Altitude Black for paid quarterly BAS

    Thanks Beta4me for replying anyway. I will try to search more thoroughly as I'd like to read that exchange. Peter
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    Westpac Altitude Black for paid quarterly BAS

    Hi I'm sorry if this topic has been covered a million times elsewhere, the only references I came across were quite old and so might not be up-to-date. I have recently changed by CBA platinum cards to Westpac Altitude Black for two reasons. Firstly I hit a points cap on the CBA card and secondly...
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    A leap into the unknown.. China Southern MEL-CAN

    Here we go with my review of the A380 flight out of Sydney on CSA. A lot less complimentary than Hummel's glowing endorsement. I booked CSA from Sydney to Delhi via Guang Zhou in business class for two reasons. Firstly I needed to be back for a work commitment on a Monday afternoon and the...