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Recent content by patrickk

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    Qantas 2019-20 annual result: reading between the lines

    Second rate airline!!! Love to see your list of first rate ones. ANZ had double QFs profit decline. SQ CX and EK all struggling much more. As for the product Y is much of a muchness with competition PE very good and J depends on which plane. The new seats in the A330 and 789s are great. I fly QF...
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    Rumour has it & Qantas [778 non-stop London from Sydney]

    Talk of a 779 with a hundred seat stripped out plus extra tanks as stop gap until 778 is ready
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Mine are generally successful as platinum the knock backs were London Perth (wrong day of the week) and Sydney Singapore both ways. The day of the week is a big one. I tend to travel ex Australia for late week conferences Monday’s are good for going and Saturdays hopeless for coming back. Agree...
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    QF Double Status Credit Promos - I am not 100% sure I follow the logic anymore...

    This is interesting as this coming year will be my last year at platinum unless there is a DSC as I have conferences in the UK that dates are known a year out as well as other trips I can schedule a long way out. If not then back to my lifetime gold. The other big benefit of platinum is the...
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    There is a rumour of a stopgap 779 with 100 seats stripped out (bare up the back) and more fuel tanks in the cargo hold. Probably fewer than 200 in economy and around 100 premium; 8 first 70 business; 30 PE. When the 778 eventuates then these 779s would be refitted back to 400 seats by putting...
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    Potential missed connection with an upcoming international rewards flight?

    As it is on the same ticket AA will sort it out including putting you on a direct flight if that works better. Two hours is fine. 30-45 mins for immigration and after that security will be under 30mins; and I’m a nervous traveller who loves plenty of time. It is the 60-90minute connections I...
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    Potential Qantas Ticket Change

    This information is on your ticket with the conditions for your fare class. I just got hit for $180 plus $80 change fee for a non flexible fare that I just did. Check if you can do it online as that will show the fees as well.
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    Qantas "Comfort Row" DFW

    They will give you a boarding pass that says so; and the coin crew would explain.
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    Hong Kong - EK lounge may be best F&B bet for QF J/WP/SG these days

    You can order more than one you know which is what I usually do in qantas as well.
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    Qantas priority boarding - crippled by Communists?

    In Hong Kong the CX people wandered down the line and saw I was QF platinum and put me at the front of the queue. A very nice touch.
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    Is the Qantas A380 the worst business class product between AU and US?

    I am curious about the free world comment. My question is why is it relavent and who does it include. SQ, CX, EK, Qatar, certainly aren’t free world airlines and most US plus BA and AF who may think they are aren’t much chop either.
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    Qantas "Comfort Row" DFW

    These get offered in the lounge certainly if you checked in elsewhere in the US
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    Indeed am having multiple calls to the call centre to get this year's double status credited (which they clearly hate doing manually) for that very reason.
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    If the planets align I will get platinum this year and next but after that little chance
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    ...and here is poor old me with a FF number around 250000 and after 25 years and very close to retirement, which is what I thought it was for, will get it at the end of next year, well into my 60s. But then again that much flying can be exhausting even if mainly in business.