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    Double Status Credits for Points Club/Plus Members

    I couldn't see it mentioned in the T&Cs, are the DSC valid on classic reward bookings?
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Yeah, the impact of COVID definitely hasn't been priced in, especially in the USA. Hard to preempt where things are going. Wanting to buy in to a couple of ETFs in the states, but better wait it out.
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    RE: CCP, 38.4% of the application is about right. I had traded in and out so not sure if it's based on my current (at time of issue) holdings.
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Got scaled back pretty far, applied for the full entitlement, recieved 917 shares.
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    I did the same, $12.50 looks like a good discount.
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Have booked in the QAN fall. Given the State and Territory (TAS/NT) border limits, there must be further domestic reductions in play.
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    What's the view on top to bottom %age change on the ASX and other indices? Or are there still too many uncertainties?
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    Intentionally triggering a targeted 50% bonus SC promo

    Just got an 50% status offer OZ-CMB on QF code, I did do a little searching a few days earlier but didn't proceed to the booking stage though.
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    Do you go with cheapest fare or are you loyal to an airline?

    These are essentially my spending behaviours/choice regarding loyalty. I generally fly Y long haul, and lounges help break up, say SYD-SIN-LHR flights, and having the same benefit domestically and through inter Europe flights supports this decision.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    LHR-MAD-PMI nets 100SC in J (200 return), and a nice break from London, either BA or IB.
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    Free Qantas Wines promo discount codes.

    REWARDM19 also worked for me Five Star Tour of South Australia Dozen <$18 per bottle (including the D'Arenberg Coppermine cabernet) + 5,000 points! Great value.
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    Where to credit CX N flights

    Great! Looking forward to your experiences.
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    European flight delay compensation

    Resolved! They offered either the 600EU compensation or 780EU travel credit valid for 5-years, just took the 600EU. All wrapped up in around 3-months, so not too bad in regards to responding to the request for claim.
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    I've just tried to purchase a ticket, all the way to putting passenger details in, and its missing there also (just says poitns & status credits, then blank) Must be the system getting overhauled (or so I hope!)