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    Ask The Pilot

    I was pretty lucky. Back when I was a backseater, I used to be very envious of our guys flying the A-4. So in the end, I was lucky to get to fly it. I was offered F-111s and knocked them back. Nope. I flew the 380. Why would I want to fly one of those dinky things? Jesting aside, I probably...
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    Ask The Pilot

    Ailerons change the local camber (curvature) of the wing. A wing with more camber will produce more lift, but will stall at a lower angle of attack. That's what the guy in the second video you linked to was trying to demonstrate in his aircraft. Put the aircraft straight and level. Slow until...
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    Ask The Pilot

    A bit more re the F14. I can't see any reference to ailerons, which means roll control would have been handled by spoilers and differential tail. Apart from the fact that they work by killing lift, spoilers are a reasonably viceless way of controlling roll. Any yaw and drag that they produce is...
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    Ask The Pilot

    The links change the context of your question quite a bit. In your initial question, you're asking about roll control in a situation in which the aircraft is at least 23% faster than the stall (mandated tolerances for V2 and approach speeds). Roll control is quite normal at these speeds. But...
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Not only Qld. They should not have been in NSW, or regional Victoria. Or beyond 5 km from their home. It’s about time there were serious repercussions for this. Start with crushing their car. Perhaps with them in it.
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    Ask The Pilot

    If you‘ve corrected the roll with aileron, how does that exacerbate it. You’ve already corrected it…. If you’re saying that you can’t correct roll induced by an engine failure with aileron, then you‘re not correct. On take off, except in the low vis case, yaw is immediately very noticeably...
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    Qantas to focus staff & operations in Sydney (details of NSW deal revealed)

    I'd assume there'll be a very substantial premium for flying ULR. I'll happily save the money, and go via Singapore.
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    As someone living in the regions, and right next door to the NSW border, knee jerk regional lockdowns are doing vast harm, for zero benefit. I think a story about a boy and a wolf is appropriate. NSW also laid the boot in by having a quasi border closure, extending the Melbourne restrictions to...
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    QANTAS carry on question - helmet as the personal item?

    In which case they’ll want to see the medical assessment that lets you fly. If the crew decide it isn’t coming on, then it won’t be. Having said that, I don’t see any particular problem with a helmet, that you aren’t wearing.
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    “UNITED GOES SUPERSONIC” - time will tell?

    That may have been the case if the Concorde was the first of a series of airliners, but given the tiny installed base (which never would have been more than a fraction of the subsonic base), changes simply were not going to happen in a hurry. But, nothing changes the fact that 60,000' and mach...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    They won't agree, unless they cut off the financial tap.
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    Ask The Pilot

    The provision of firefighters comes under various rules, but the upshot is that they don't necessarily need to be there, so there's no guarantee that there has been any change at all.
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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    Has anyone tried to make a booking for a hub in Victoria? What a convoluted mess. The web site is basically circular (follow the references, and you end up where you started). Ring the number, and nowhere in the options does it mention making a booking. It becomes circular too. Select randomly...
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    Ask The Pilot

    I haven't seen any pictures of the damage, but my guess would be that there was no frame damage. If it was just skin damage, then structurally the aircraft is sound. Flying at a lower level, is, in itself, a non event. Aircraft do so on every flight. For this sort of flight though, the biggest...