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Recent content by james1

  1. J

    Thoughts ? VA in its desire to become a business airline forgot economy

    I think the issue is they fail to deliver on what they advertise. Case in point - I flew VA661 from CBR to SYD this afternoon departing @ 5:15pm. On the website it states; 'All Economy guests receive complimentary tea, coffee and water on all Virgin Australia flights. In addition we also offer...
  2. J

    New Years Eve 2014 @ HI Old Sydney

    I managed as well to snag 3 nights for the New Year period. Feel a bit the same about whether I can be bothered to stay again. We enjoyed last years stay and it was well organised, but thinking I am going to offload to someone at work. Bit of déjà vu having been there and done that!
  3. J

    Intercontinental Amabassador BOGO best time to use in Sydney

    Yep noticed this too - I've used mine to try the IC DB at around $450 for 2 nights in Dec. Intend to keep an eye on any fluctuations in the lead up to opening.
  4. J

    Things to do on 17 Hour Dubai Stopover

    Go online and book the Kalifa early. Seems to sell out well in advance and 'walk up' tix are quite expensive - I learnt this the hard way! :(
  5. J

    Qantas to withdraw from SYD GLT

    Flew this service from SYD about 8 times return during the period of operation. The loads became visibly less over time so no surprise with this announcement.
  6. J

    Golds can no longer access EK lounges? [Conflicting Info on]

    Good news. Seems just a 'typo' which led to the speculation. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. J

    Golds can no longer access EK lounges? [Conflicting Info on]

    Thanks. I note though that if you click through the Qantas Club pages to the Dubai J lounge profile, it still references Gold FF's as being eligible for access.
  8. J

    The Kids are back from holidays ...

    Hey Red Roo, Any confirmation of changes to EK lounge access for QF Golds as suggested in other thread...?
  9. J

    Golds can no longer access EK lounges? [Conflicting Info on]

    This is what it says on the Qantas website under Tier Benefits. No reference either in the table about EK lounge access for QF Golds... Is this for real? Benefits with EmiratesAs a Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer, when you travel with Emiratesᶿ between and within Europe, the Middle East, North...
  10. J

    Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crashes in Ukraine

    And as terrible as this is, I hope this suggests it was without suffering.
  11. J

    Great form from Qantas

    Full credit to the Qantas management staff who organized this. Well done.
  12. J

    IHG® Dining Rewards program replacing Priority Privilege from 1st July 2014

    Yes it is pretty basic. I probably get an upgrade on two-thirds of my stays but the welcome amenity either at check in or in-room have become rare creatures over time. Never been knocked back though for the 2pm checkout which has always been useful. In reference to the other thread re: the HI...
  13. J

    IHG® Dining Rewards program replacing Priority Privilege from 1st July 2014

    So I guess that Ambassador buys you gold and then IHG Dining Rewards gets you to Platinum? Personally I will save a lot of $ keeping Plat in IHG under this new scheme. Makes you wonder why they bothered with the whole shake up of qualifying and non qualifying points a year or two ago.