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    Singapore's e-passport gates now opens to Australians

    Registered for this recently. If you go regularly then definitely worth the 20mins and photo you need to bring. Singapore is highly variable (IMO) for immigration queues. I think the 3 visits in the last year requirement is actually probably a good guide as to whether its going to be useful. Jakob
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    Diversion due to crew hours

    The lack of Champagne DID NOT help the situation (but I thought if I mentioned it I would get flamed) I asked them to restock on the ground in TPE but the crew said they asked but got knocked back jakob
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    Diversion due to crew hours

    Overall I do have to say Cathay put in quite an effort to get us home only 3 hours later than planned. I think it was lucky that so many had onwards connections (to many Aus destinations but PER especially). I think the communication from the crew could have been better. Information did not...
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    Diversion due to crew hours

    Yes, the crew do the return flight. I hear what you're saying, and I did realise I was on a bit of a rant. They flew in the replacement crew from HKG and we just landed there now. They have delayed our perth flight from 2240 till 0200 which is great for us but not good news for anyone...
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    Diversion due to crew hours

    So, am currently on CX581 which should be going from CTS to HKG. Unfortunately we are on the ground in TPE. We have diverted here due to crew hours and apparently this is what happens. Now I have some understanding and even empathy for having protected working hours (having theoretically also...
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    CX Lounge entry denied (SFO)

    Re: No access to Cathay lounge in SF Can I ask what time (about) you got to the lounge to be in the lucky 10? Am there in a couple of weeks so would be good info to know.... Thanks! Jakob
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    Lounge Meets February 2014

    Just in MEL international QP now before QF9 if anyone around... Also great to hear if anyone in the First lounge either now or overnight tonight in DXB as I'm switching to QF1 through to London. Would be much nicer drinking champagne than Salinger sparkling.. Feel free to invite me up... jakob...
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    Langham Hotels in HKG.

    Re: Qantas HK Lounge I can't really compare to the 5 star places at Tsim Sha Tsui or on the Island. That's because I always end up staying at the Langham Place! Also always get a club room! I find they leave the Champagne out until well after 2000hrs. I think the value staying there if you...
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    Lion Air crash in Bali?

    Lion Air Crash in Bali not much....
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    Apple iPhone 5

    Picked up mine at lunch time yesterday. From the Apple store in Perth city, renewed a contract with Telstra. Took bout 1.5hrs (longish lunch break), which was not too awful for opening day IMO. Very happy with it..... much more impressed with it that I thought i'd be from the photos and...
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    Paid for a business upgrade but got no SC

    Re: QF Airport Upgrades Got one 2 weeks ago. Not sure if that's recent enough info for you, but it is a data point. jakob
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    What the best seat(s) to choose in First class on A380?

    Re: QF A380 F seating for singles - help settle my mind Have done 2A, 4A, and 4K, am a fan of the 'A' side for less traffic, wasn't too concerned about the 'F' people being able to slightly see me (most people put up the divider). When I was in 4A had a look back to 5K, which looked great for...
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    QF/Oneworld Observations...

    Assuming you had CX gold = One World Sapphire, then that is really a comparison with Star Silver (Although you actually have star gold with NZ), which IMO gets you not much at all. The second tier with OW is better than equivalent in star given lounge access.... If you had CX diamond (emerald)...
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    RTW Advice

    If you use MileageMonkey and ignore errors ( as Hawkeye suggested) then you get..... # of Qantas SC's earned econ biz first Continents A/C types Distance Sector 45 180 270 ~swp-~sam LA 340 (fjy) 7053 SYD-SCL 20 80 120 ~sam-~sam LA 319 (y) LA 320 (y) LA 763 (jy) 1531 SCL-LIM 10 40 60...
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    CX new J or Qantas old F

    I know its a moot point as you've already travelled, but my vote would have been QF for the soft product. There's no real problem with QF old F hard product on this sort of flight (not really long haul) IMO (except IFE screen and reliability). Also as far as whiskey concerned, would take QF -...