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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Normally 10 times that price.
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    Question Status run for Gold Prior to travel? Worth it?

    You could just purchase lounge access and save the rest as you would need to fly a bit to recoup your $1100 spend.
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    Unexpected "extension" of status

    Isn't there a one month delay to allow for missing status credits to appear before it drops. Its been a few years since I dropped a status level and can't remember exactly what it shows but sure someone will have a better idea.
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    Gold to Platinum Question?

    2 questions 1) if you are platinum and only get say 300 SCs in the following year do you drop to silver :eek: no gold 2) if you drop from plat to gold do you have to re qualify to plat with the 500 SCs no you need 1000 to get back to plat or 400 to keep gold
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    They are known to upgrade when 5-10 short and you will know within a day or so when the last status credits post. If they don't and you want Gold just make sure to take a flight no later than the day before your status credits expire and give them a call to manually do the upgrade.
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    Question Is finally attaining Platinum actually worth it?

    I don't fly very often so I only get to use the benefits a few times a year. But I find the black card works well in my wallet. When I was Gold I was constantly removing the wrong card when getting fuel at BP or paying for items with eftpos everywhere else.
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    It may have been a few years ago but that option no longer exists. If you activated the velocity Hilton upgrade this year it will be good till March 2021 and if you have the email hang onto it in case you drop next year.
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    Usually in the email they sent you when they applied Diamond to your account or calling Hilton.
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    Question Is finally attaining Platinum actually worth it?

    If you do plan on activating the bonus hotel and car hire status make sure to do it before you drop to gold. Same as the 4 business upgrades need to be used before you drop status, the flight dates can be after your platinum drops off.
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    Hilton Honors Promotions

    I get the same message on the first and I do not qualify message on the second. So buying points won't help.
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    What to do with 68,000 points?

    Cheapest option would be 2 nights at DT Melbourne for around 60 000 pts. Otherwise purchase some points to extend the expiry date.
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    If you have been upgraded to an exec room you will receive exec benefits.
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    A Tale of 8 Hiltons*

    You may not be aware but upgrades are not part of the Diamond benefit when staying at a Garden Inn and in your Honors profile under Myway Hotel Benefits you can select points(750) or hot breakfast.
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    Optimum month time to active Hilton Elite benefit

    N Unlike airlines they use calendar year and they give you 12 months so that is why joining anytime after 1st January gets you almost one free year as you wont start your 12 month membership till the following year. April 1st is when status changes for current members. One thing to keep would...