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Recent content by gazza48

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    Qatar flight change on Qantas classic reward booking.

    Good news....I cannot select seating on a QF award bkg and had to call QR. Hopefully you will see it on QR website Good news.....still concerns me that they are holding D class iso U class but hey if it actually tkts and it is shown HK in the QR system all should be ok. I had to call QR for...
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    Qatar flight change on Qantas classic reward booking.

    Have you checked availability for FF seats on other airlines. CX/KLM/MU seems to have avail when I have been looking at mid August to Rome from ADL. It is so hard to get seats back from other airlines. If it was QF only seats so much easier. Good luck.
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    Qatar flight change on Qantas classic reward booking.

    Now the fun will begin.....trying to get any seats back. This has probably happened because of the incorrect bkg class and creating an issue with having a new tkt issued. Hope someone at QF is taking ownership of the problem...
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    Qatar flight change on Qantas classic reward booking.

    Agree... having been involved in reticketing in the past, incorrect class on award bkgs can cause issues also with QR. Normally what we had to do was hold that class to ensure a business seat held then contact other airline to convert to correct class which sometimes took a while. Good thing is...
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    Qatar flight change on Qantas classic reward booking.

    like you I am travelling on award tkt but in October ex Athens to Doha. we have gone from a 115pm flight to 125am flight same day. totally messed up our plans and now have an extra 12hr layover in Doha. I don't worry to much about it as last year we were on EK and ended up with a 17hr layover...
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    Qantas Online Access - Blocked - Error due to someone attempting to hack my account

    this was prior to the Qantas Business Rewards program!
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    Question Do Thai Airways have waist size restrictions for Business Class seats on their B787 Dreamliner?

    I agree with you totally. Absolutely disgusting and so humiliating for the passengers. Having worked in the airline industry, when passengers wanted to buy two Y seats for comfort, consultants would mention to consider J class for not a lot more and definitely better comfort...was never aware...
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    “Don’t fly a Dreamliner” says former Boeing Quality Manager

    I have a feeling I read somewhere that some of these are assembled in North and South Carolina as well as Seattle. Might be wrong but I believe Qatar only wanted aircraft made and assembled in Seattle after a few issues came to light about work done down that way due cost cutting etc...
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    Qantas Online Access - Blocked - Error due to someone attempting to hack my account

    believe me there are many company's that book their staff using QFF points....amazing how many first cousins some people had!!lol . Same as when the FF member passes away, ensure the points are used or transferred before QFF are notified or they will be lost!
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    Advice to get to Europe and back using Qantas points Oct 2020

    From just booking recently to Europe and return, found best option with availability was QR in both directions and good avail out and back into SIN. Taxes are also lower than EK. Points plus pay is a total waste of points unless you have an unlimited supply...
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    Vent - QF call centre incompetence

    Just sad that 2 great Australian call centres closed down! Having been someone who worked in a QF call centre in a senior consultant position, believe me dealing with other partner airlines was a nightmare when it came to their Schedule changes or even harder when a name needed to be...
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    Emirates Award Availability in Business and First Reduced?

    China Eastern and CX were the other airlines that came up in my search for flights ex SIN as ex Australia was hopeless. I decided to just find those seats later on if necessary and if not I would just buy a commercial tkt. QR was actually my airline of choice having flown EK and QR in premium...
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    Europe from the back seat

    now that is a great apt....will keep that one in mind although it is certainly more expensive than what we normally go for but definitely worth notating (checked it for next Sept)
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    Europe from the back seat

    we have stayed in Florence just off the Ponte Vecchio and have to say we loved it there. We are going to Italy again next Sept and was thinking of Lucca you feel it is definitely worth a few days? Last time we took it off our itinerary and put in the Cinque Terre which was breathtaking.
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    Europe from the back seat

    what a great trip write up..thank you. Love Airbnb and it is the only way to stay now as most times you get to immerse yourself in the local way of life and not a sterile hotel! Interesting your review of the SQ J seats. I have only been in F and J on EK, QR in J and of course QF in PY and...