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    Are You Moving to the USA?

    LOL - yes Kmart does have them! I just hate to dispose of such nice pieces of equipment, kind of a waste. But it may come to that.
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    Are You Moving to the USA?

    I have plenty of transformers as we bought lots of stuff with us. THe real problem, we there is two, is the cycle difference between USA and Aus i.e. 60 vs. 50. Also for the drier, it needs two phase 220V to operate, so using a transformer does not help, less you can get a phase inverter cheap!
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    Flight Upgrades

    This has occured to me on numerous trips to/from the USA. Last time it occurred I spend the time to interrogate the UA representative I was talking to (I have a VOIP phone for the USA, so its a free call for me), having lived there for so long. Anyway, she told me that there is a software...
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    Are You Moving to the USA?

    If so, did you want to buy a fantastic washer/dryer pair? These units were $1000 each in the USA! They are Whirlpool front load washer and front load dryer. Both on pedastals (no bending over to load/unload). Both functioned perfectly when we moved. We foolishly bought them back with us...