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Recent content by edcba

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    Answered Any downsides on the Diner's Club Lounge access?

    Yes, you can visit lounges without paying the rewards fee.
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    Diners Club abandoning New Zealand

    See Home DC cards will no longer be issued in NZ.
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    Is the Diners login down?

    No, Chrome is still not working. Diners Club don't appear interested enough to fix it.
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    Earn 2 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Per $1 Spent on Woolworths Online via Qantas Mall

    I've had Qantas decline points on one of my purchases. They say they will investigate after 90 days. Has anyone else had points declined (no reason given)?
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    Is the Diners login down?

    It's working for me from Internet Explorer but not from Chrome.
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    Is the Diners login down?

    I'm getting Servlet Exception errors when I try to log in. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Mastercard & Boingo

    The Boingo app gets bad reviews in Google Play. Has anyone tried it?
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    Mastercard & Boingo

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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    I had no offer and called. Unless you have enabled Westpac Marketing, whatever that means, no offer is sent. But I got a 4-digit code from a supervisor. However, the Web page linking Westpac and Amex is not working at the moment. I just spoke to Kate, and she said that the link is "having...
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    Online link to Amex not working

    The online link to Amex is not working.
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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    In my case they have raised the annual fee by 50%.
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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    In my case it's a massive cut for a 50% increase in cost!
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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    In my case Westpac is not only dumping AmEx but raising the annual fee, for MC only, by 50%!
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    Diners Club and Amazon

    Amazon Australia not accepting Diners Club. Amazon US does. The Australian card seems to be increasingly useless.
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    Answered Is Woolworths Visa Good Value?

    Apparently you would be surprised at the number of travellers who prefer Virgin and Singapore Airlines. Anyway, the value to me of the Woolworths Platinum Visa Card is the shopping discounts, which more than reimburse the annual fee.