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    Why is it so hard to get an eTicket number out of QF?

    Nope it hasn't changed 😬 just as difficult as ever to try and build something on top of.
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    Why is it so hard to get an eTicket number out of QF?

    I'm going to get technical here but the annoying thing about class codes not being displayed when searching for flights is it would be so easy for Qantas to make it available. The booking engine already sends the booking class code (rbd, or reservation booking class designator) to your browser...
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    Is DSC x 2 possible? (i.e. using DSC TravelPass on a DSC booking)

    No, only one will apply. From the T&C's on the TravelPass (the same or similar text also forms part of the regular DSC T&C's as well):
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    Aussie Broadband referral code!

    Popping my code back into the hat for anyone thinking of signing up. Referral Code: 914622 We both get $50 credit. My views posted earlier on Aussie haven't changed. I've been with them since 2017 and they haven't missed a beat. Great company to deal with and I find the service rock solid...
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    Passport Renewal Notice

    My AUS passport expires late next year but I'm hoping to be able to hold off long enough to get one of the new R series passports which should have been released by now but were delayed due to COVID (New 'R' series of passports - a Freedom of Information request to Department of Foreign Affairs...
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    50SC on offer with BP

    Yep Qantas changed the T&C’s to allow these status credits to go towards LTS so this line item looks like the adjustment that was made for everyone who applied for those SC’s before it was changed last week. The BP status credits have “BP” in the description.
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    Add ABN to existing booking been "enhanced"?

    It's not a reward booking perchance? As the option to add ABN won't show if it's a reward booking.
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    Slow posting of QFF points and SCs after a JQ flight

    Wonderfull, thanks for looking into this Matt! It worked pretty seamlessly before COVID so if they're able to get it back to how it was then, that is a huge win!
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    Involuntary flight change and status retention offer.

    Yes. For QF initiated cancellations, your status will still be extended. Reference:
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    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    I called the NSW Health Vaccination Helpline first who gave me a link to this form here: COVID-19 Vaccination record query The form said thanks for submitting, check your record again in 10 days. 10 days passed, called the NSW Health Vaccination Helpline again to ask what to do - they gave me...
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    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    Anyone that was fully vaccinated at Sydney Olympic Park still having issues with their Medicare records updating? My second dose is on the record but not my first. I called up about a month ago and they gave me a link to a form to fill out which said check your record in 10 days but still...
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    QFF hotel award bookings refund

    The cancellation policy is determined by the hotel / property and room rate. You need to check the reservation. The cancellation policy will be spelled out there.
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    AdBlocker Detected!

    Thanks for the quick replies! No worries. Confirming different permutations of cache clearing / force refreshing etc didn't have any impact. Understood! Fingers crossed the Wordpress issue can be resolved - I know there has always been complexities due to the news and forums being on...
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    AdBlocker Detected!

    Hi AFF team, I'm having issues reading AFF articles due to the AdBlocker detected popup on the homepage. Also the "SUPPORT THE AUSTRALIAN FREQUENT FLYER" banner doesn't disappear even after I've logged in. Even if I log out / log back in, switch between Safari and Chrome the homepage doesn't...