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    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    Some food - lamb shoulder and eggplant. .
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    SQ offering status without flying

    I am now seriously considering this as I have enough MR points to easily get 250000 KF miles.As well I have reduced my account dramatically with 4 J saver awards between BNE and SIN.Two F saver awards SIN-FRA,4 J saver awards on the 380 between SIN and LHR and last 2 J saver awards HND-SIN...
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    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    And I have just finished my rounds so will see you all for lunch. Wines ready this end.
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    The rest of the cement works. . . . . . And using pure Tasmanian coal. . . .
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    On the outskirts of Railton is it's major industry - the Railton cement works and Limestone quarry. . . . How the limestone gets to where it is needed. . . . .
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    The weekend came and for the first time in 4.5 months here in Launceston both days were basically fine so off to the bush.Saturday and I headed towards the Orchid reserve outside Latrobe. I stopped on the way in Railton as there bakery was open for the first time when I have gone past.The...
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    So Tuesday 12/10 Mrsdrron's last night before flying home.and dinner at another favourite Cataract on Paterson.You do need to book here as quite popular with the locals.Quick friendly service and decent food. We shared a dozen mixed oysters then mrsdrron had the slow cooked beef cheeks and I had...
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    And a couple of buildings in Beaconsfield. First the Anglican church. . . . A pub that doesn't look open. . . A "Farmer's Market". .. And just a couple on the long way home.Heading down to Deviot from the highway. . A lamb trying to get mum's attention. . Actually Tassie is a great place...
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    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    An old Industrial building at Beauty Point. . And scenes from the back of Beaconsfield with a lovely garden. . . Mrsdrron was taken by this plant.Of Chinese origin.It is clumping just like bamboo. . . .
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    Australian state border restrictions

    Even Beyond Trains don't expect MM to back down.Our Indian Pacific journey arriving into Perth on Christmas Day has been suspended.Fortunately done through our TA who forwarded our message that no matter how they want to phrase it to us it has been cancelled and we want our Money Back.It looks...
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    To be said in a high official of the IOC voice. "And the winner is Melborn."
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    So now 11 days since opening up for NSW and no major uptick in cases.
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    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    The AMA trying to keep in the news. But it is up to ATAGI. Tassie upping their vaccine targetting.From the Deputy Premiers presser. "Pleasingly we are starting to see strong...
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Thailand has once again announced their reopening.Hopefully ~ 20th time lucky. ;) Tempted as the SGS has a prepaid rate of 2000 baht right...
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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    AZ along with Oxford university have started testing an AZ vaccine aimed at the new variants. I have already posted that a trial in the UK giving a 3rd dose of AZ at least 6 months after the second dose had an even...