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    Qantas 'My Platinum News'

    Yep I received the email as well. Not much really to get excited about. It’s a nice prize for the Singapore first lounge so I put an entry in. Would be good if someone on AFF wins it.
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    20,000 extra Qantas Points for first-time cardholders

    The Important information says that you must not have earned Qantas points from a Qantas points earning credit card in the past 12 months.
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    20,000 extra Qantas Points for first-time cardholders

    Just saw this promo on the Qantas site. 20000 extra Qantas Points for first-time cardholders This offer probably won’t apply to most since it needs to be the first time getting a Qantas credit card. I thought I would still try registering to see if I still get the bonus especially after...
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    5000 Bonus Points for Additional Cardholder

    Good to see I’m not the only one. Would be nice to get it before the end of May to get the 15% transfer bonus to Velocity.
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    VA Double Status Credits Promo coming this week (20 May)

    I have had work travel booked by a TA without the FF number attached during a promo previously and I just called up VA to get the FF number added to the booking and still got the bonus SC. It would be best to get the FF number added by VA while the promo is still going to give the best chance...
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    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure now 60,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flights

    Just call the ANZ rewards centre on 1300367763 to request the flight you want to book on VA. It is a good idea to check for reward seat availability on the VA site to make sure that there are spare reward seats available for ANZ to book. This flight can only be booked 60 days or greater in...
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    Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum MC: 60K bonus / $149 AF / ends 15/06/18 (Updated)

    I tried to cancel by sending a secure message through online banking but they would only let me cancel it at the branch. Luckily I have a new branch that opened up down the road so wasn’t too much of a hassle. Wasn’t too painful either doing it in person. Didn’t even get asked why I wanted to...
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    Gifting gold status - timing

    As long as he has 1500 status credits he will be able to gift you gold. So it would depend if any status credits are due to expire during the rolling 12 month rolling membership and if he earns additional status credits to keep it above 1500. If he is not going to be earning more and is about to...
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    I'm feeling a bit sad ...[My SC's are getting wiped today... =( ]

    Mine got wiped yesterday as well :(
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Perth to Melbourne on VA676 last Friday morning departing at 5.20am I got the express breakfast which worked oute well since it all came out all at once so I could quickly enjoy a nice breakfast and sleep the rest of the flight in the A330 lie flat seat.
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    Latest Velocity BP Fuel Offers

    Just got my 500 points from an offer I activated back in January which is exactly 6 weeks after the end date as per the t&cs.
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    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure now 60,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flights

    I got my complementary flight upgraded to business using points so definitely worth it even though the T&Cs say it is not eligible for an upgrade. So my transcontinental business class flights cost me $225 plus the 60000 points so it is essentially a very cheap business class flight!
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    Double SC's when you spend $xxx @ Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice - Targeted

    The mods created this thread. I actually posted in the thread from December but the mods created a new one since this is a new offer.
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    Double SC's when you spend $xxx @ Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice - Targeted

    We do most of our shopping at Woolworths and only shop at Coles when they have good bonus offer so only usually spend $300-400 a month if we’re lucky. I’ve been trying to avoid Coles lately to try and get the spend targets down a bit.