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Recent content by deejo77

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    Working from home: How are you finding Zoom, virtual business meetings, etc.?

    I know it’s not the right thread but couldn’t find a better place. Any tips on discussion points to raise with management when we are directed back into the office? I have a feeling the Brisbane office I am in will be directed to return to the office possibly as early as 1 November. They are...
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    The Drrons do some low flying heading West

    Ok food stop between Toowoomba and Brisbane - Old Fernvale Bakery
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    I am normally the only person I see wearing a mask in shops in Brisbane - it’s also not a normal mask but one from: https://baileyprotectiongear.com.au/ and I love it - easy to clear, glasses don’t fog ect......I just wish people would stay 1.5m away......at coles yesterday I had to say I have...
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    Building a Home

    yes that one probably had an electric ignition my two cents as I own two houses with conflicting items 1) one has gas oven/stove - this one has induction - i personally can’t tell the difference so I definitely see this as a sideways issue. I do know when we loose electricity here I just get...
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    QLD border declaration

    according To the polling most Qld want the boarder to stay closed...... https://www.qld.gov.au/border-pass yes even as a Qld you need a pass and must travel within 7 days of pass being granted......and if you have had COVID 19 symptoms in the last 14 days (for example being tested - it advises...
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    god if he was 30 I could be retired (20 years to go!).......and if he was 30 my spouse would tell you I would probably still protect him from it because he is my baby.
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    they don’t in Queensland - same clinic two different nurses
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    My son was tested Friday - i held his head and he jerked cried and vomited. Results back Saturday negative just a common cold. I had started to get sick yesterday - did the right thing as qld health recommendation any symptoms get tested. She held it up my nose for close to 10 seconds I gagged...
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    Where would you be now ... ?

    We should be in the UK and my son would be at the Harry Potter experience as an early 10th birthday present
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    What I ate today - the food thread

    Yum yums
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    What I ate today - the food thread

    Beef Bourguignon and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce......
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    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    yes mine has disappeared - no sign of points or dollars - can’t remember when I actually canceled as no email ect. Will give it until mid June before chasing it up
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    AirBnB Extending COVID Policy?

    Refund approved based on Covid 19, Smartraveller and home affairs page provided - less than 24hrs and approved.
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    AirBnB Extending COVID Policy?

    thank you do you know if you can use the vouchers in the one booking? Can it be used for hosts cost or just the service fees? looks to be that they can’t be combined - so multiple bookings and need to be checked in my 30/12/20
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    AirBnB Extending COVID Policy?

    they might say that on their page but I have a check in 27 out 30th June in Scotland and it’s refusing on it, **the two before it worked 21/6 to 23/6 and 23/6 to 27/6 - this next one is double the money