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Recent content by danielh

  1. danielh

    CitiBank 10,000 point bonus at Airports

    I am just looking forward to getting 10,000 points for essentially nothing. I am not sure if CitiBank will be doing the usual credit checks but from what i can understand of the deal while rushing to my flight is that I can get the bare minimum 'card' and get the points after 2 months once I...
  2. danielh

    CitiBank 10,000 point bonus at Airports

    Hi all, Has anyone had a look at the current CitiBank deal at the Melbourne Airport? You can sign up there for a Fee free, 12.99% interest Visa Debit card account. The deal is also available at places like Melbourne Central but instead of 10,000 points you get a $50 myer voucher. I went...
  3. danielh

    How many FF do you have?

    Status: Platinum Qantas: 365,814 AmEx: 21,659 Used up only 160k in last 12 months for 2 tickets to LA (bought pre-increase). Points are a combination of: Diners Card (2x points) AmEx (1.5x points) ANZ Gold Visa (1x and 2x for Qantas) Hotel accomodation (3x points) Flights ([2005-every week...
  4. danielh

    Play the Frequent Flyer Top 10 Game

    Thanks, just figured it out. Didn't notice it at 5.45am. :-) It was interesting to see that they still want to push people to the 'electronic' statements still. Also, as a frequent flyer I was hoping for an extra entry for every flight I make (unless I missed some small text somewhere). Daniel
  5. danielh

    Play the Frequent Flyer Top 10 Game

    I tried it this morning with Firefox but got no feedback. I had to rush off to catch my plane so didn't get time to experiment too much though. Regards Daniel
  6. danielh

    Play the Frequent Flyer Top 10 Game

    What is the answer? Regards Daniel
  7. danielh

    Got US CitiBank acc. Can I put $US into it in AU?

    Thanks Rob, the only things I have received from Citibank in the US are my statements which thankfully have come throug international mail without any problems. I'll keep an eye on the account now. I was going to use it to sell my US shares into it and then use it to do my US share trading...
  8. danielh

    New Qantas American Express Card - what do you reckon?

    I think that if Qantas wants to increase the take up of the Qantas Platinum AmEx for the its membership base (QFF, PS, SG, WP) then they should offer ADDITIONAL bonus points depending on your status. Ie. Additional 0 points per $1 spent on Qantas flights for (QFF up to PS) Additional 0.5...
  9. danielh

    QFF statements - go paperless

    They also had a competition where if you changed you would get a chance to win an IBM T41. Regards Daniel
  10. danielh

    You know Loyalty Programs are going mad when...

    Once a year I usually call up and say that I need new tags and will get another set as spares. I've got about 6 QP tags, 4 SG and 2 WP so far. I do not get any Silver ones as (as they explained) that my QP tag had more 'status' then PS. Regards Daniel
  11. danielh

    Tip: How to avoid long taxi queues at MEL airport

    Yep, whenever I see a quadruple snaked line of people in the taxi rank with the line only growing bigger I just walk down towards Terminal 1 and catch a taxi from there. There are usually about 4 people in the line when that happens. Also, if you are popping into Melbourne Airport in the the...
  12. danielh

    Amex Rewards Maximiser - Increase in annual fee

    I got the letter as well. I intend to do a few things about it. My anniversary date is August so in JUNE I will do a few things: 1. Pay up completely on any amounts and not use at all. 2. Wait until all my points are pushed into the AmEx card and then transfer it all to Qantas. 3. Confirm...
  13. danielh

    suitcase allocation through US

    Well on my RTW trip 10 years ago the 32kg x 2 limit was allowed throughout my RTW trip as all my flights were booked on the same ticket. I would double check this now but if your RTW trip is all under the same large multi-page booking then you should be fine. Regards Daniel
  14. danielh

    Ozjet suspends flights

    Well a FF scheme is a big thing for me and this has stopped me (apart from my company policy to fly Qantas) from trying OJ out. With regards to a flight to Perth, I just took a flight this afternoon (MEL-PER) and luckily enough there were 34 spare seats on the plane so I managed to block a...
  15. danielh

    Has the new temporary SYD T1 F QP opened yet?

    Please excuse my ignorance but is this new Sydney lounge international or is it the same QP I have used for domestic. Also, with regards to First lounges, can a WP flying econ domestic/international go in? Regards Daniel