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    How busy (or not) is it in winter holiday spots cut off from half the country right now?

    Hi there, I can only speak for Qualia as I work there, we have been booked out for months and due to cancellations the owners have decided to use the time to ‘refresh’ rooms and a good part of the resort and spa. The were against the idea of having a full resort with construction happening in...
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    ... Help with spending FF points.

    Hello all, I need some help... i have around 240,000 points that i would like to redeem for travel. I would like to treat myself (perhaps Business somewhere)... and would be happy to purchase up to an extra 20,000 points if required. My pickle is do i spend the points on both myself and my...
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    ... Just joined the club!

    Hi everyone, I have been reading 'The Australian Frequent Flyer' for months now and have enjoyed each and everyones stories and updates so thought it was about time i joined myself. I have been a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club for 11 years now... while i am not travelling...