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    Apparently QF28 on its way back from Santiago is the last ever QF 747 flight

    I might be in the minority, but the sooner the better. I flew to SCL last year and the 747s are tired and noisy. In one direction we had an unfurnished bird with no AVOD and gaffa tape holding panels and bathroom fixtures in place. The old school seats are like armchairs however, the sole...
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    Singapore Air backing out of refunds?

    I was in the same position when they issued me with an automatic travel credit following a flight cancellation. After a few attempts I got through to them on the phone and requested a refund which they were very happy to do - albeit may take up to 4 months. So just ring them, I found ringing...
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    Points when flying on a QF codeshare operated by BA

    Thanks Elbarto, sorry I had managed to convince myself it was a codeshare! Along a similar vein, the BA flight is an Iberia codeshare and IB flights earn better mileage than BA according to the Qantas tables you linked to. Would booking it as an IB flight as opposed to a BA attract the higher...
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    Points when flying on a QF codeshare operated by BA

    Evening all, apologies if this is a simple question. I have scoured the net and forums but couldn't find a clear answer. I am looking at flying NYC to LON as part of a larger itinerary and the best times are with a QF codeshare BA flight. Do I get points as per a BA flight or a QF flight if it...