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    Coles gift card offers

    Hopefully everyone uses them up before they are compromised and used to by Google Play credit.
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    New Amex statement credits

    Me too, the travel credit on my Explorer seems to have disappeared.
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    Coles gift card offers

    Yeah, I'd read about people comprising the packaging a few months back, so when I did my big purchases in February and a few months later I used the cards as soon as I got home from the shopping trip.
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    Coles gift card offers

    When did you purchase the card?
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    Very prompt refund from Singapore Airlines

    We'd booked SYD-CNS return for September 2021 in March 2021. The points were Krisflyer points that had been converted from Velocity points last year in March. The flights were on an Air New Zealand code share on Qantas metal. I thought it would be a nightmare to deal with if we weren't able to...
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    Getting Both AZ & Pfizer

    I know in NSW that when getting either brand they ask you if you've already had a vaccine and will not let you proceed if you have. Are you sure they will let you get Pfizer since you are already fully vaccinated?
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    Use Points for Charges

    You can try to contact customer service, but I've found them to be very lacking recently. It was good talking to onshore staff, however seems they've all been offshored in the last year or so.
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    Use Points for Charges

    I used the feature twice last year. The bill balance didn't drop. When I contacted AMEX they said that was normal and were able to adjust the direct debit amount since my direct debit date was far enough in the future.
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    My Computer Is making Noise

    Given it doesn't do it from the time you switch it on, it could be the CPU fan which is coming on once the processor has heated up. Is it a laptop or desktop machine?
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    Diners club companion card

    Yeah, that's what I thought. I only put a direct debit of charity donation of $48 a month on my Citi Diners card and don't use the Mastercard at all. Prefer to use my AMEX Explorer and Coles Platinum Mastercard. I've been using discounted Coles and Woolworths vouchers for supermarket shops. I...
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    Diners club companion card

    Is t just the normal 2 ppd at supermarkets on the Diners? Or do you get extra like on the Citi VISA/MasterCard?
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    Points earning credit cards with no international currency conversion fee's

    I use the Coles Rewards Mastercard which is $99 per year and earns 2 Flybuys points per $1 which converts to 1VFF, so it is 1VFF per dollar spent. That applies to the first $3000 per month and then it is 1 Flybuys point per $1, so 0.5 VFF for anything above $3000 per month.
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    Flybuys year in review 2020

    Our household Flybuys account scored: Top 1% in our suburb Top 1% in NSW Top 1% in Australia 90,995 standard points + 40,079 bonus points
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    Loyalty list

    I bought some for USD20 during the March 2nd to March 16 2020 cruise to NZ. Wish I'd bought more when they were under USD10.
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    Loyalty list

    I know that none of the Carnival owned brands allow loyalty points to be credited from other Carnival owned brands. eg Cunard, Carnival, Holland America, P&O, AIDA, Costa. Each loyalty program is separate.