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Recent content by ADLhighflyer

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    New [Amex] statement credits

    I didn't get it either on mine. Curious though, to get upto $400 back how much do you need to spend? Looks like a great offer either way!
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    New Woolworths Rewards App

    The biggest problem I've found with Everyday Rewards / Woolworths Rewards is the offers that you do get only come through via email, and no way on logging into their website to check what offers are current (like Flybuys). If this app fixes that, that would be a good thing
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Thank you both. Just wasn't sure if say Cashrewards, or Qantas Store etc would count as one of their 3rd party's or not.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Looking forward to using these some of these offers, being newish to the Explorer Card. Question though - in the Ts and Cs the following exclusion appears: "Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor" What actually constitutes a 3rd party establishment...
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    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Iceland, Nov 2017
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    "You're just away from status"

    I got the exact same email as well - glad I wasn't the only one who thought it looked odd!
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    Qantas car or vehicle insurance, 20000 bonus points plus 1 point per $1 spent

    I tried online, but gave them a call went through the process to see what the cost came out at. Price is based on market value, unless you get it changed. I also got the same message above, but called them back again and got the quote resent via email which then worked fine. Suspect the issue is...
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    Cathay to cut worldwide capacity by 30% [Now 96%]

    Big cuts to Cathay Pacific flights from 10FEB onwards.... Cathay Pacific Feb/Mar 2020 Inventory update as of 0645GMT 05FEB20 Definitely worth checking your booking for any flights over the next few months to see if you are affected
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    Citilink to Avalon

    Looks like they start Avalon flights on 24th Jan Indonesian airline signs onto Avalon Airport flights
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    Norwegian cruise, London, Bavaria and the Maldives

    I'm really enjoying reading about your trip aboard Polarlys! Brings back memories of the awesome time I had onboard.
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    Norwegian cruise, London, Bavaria and the Maldives

    I had the same tour director on my Polarlys cruise 2 years ago (same guy who was pouring the ice above). He made the cruise so worthwhile and made us all have a great time onboard!
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    Norwegian cruise, London, Bavaria and the Maldives

    I found that when I did the Hurtigruten cruise on MS Polarlys 2 years ago, I found that to see the lights onboard the ship required a very steady hand when taking pictures (due ship movement). Best chance to take some good pictures I feel would be off the ship during one of the port stops in an...
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    Norwegian cruise, London, Bavaria and the Maldives

    Sounds like a great trip coming up!
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    Flybuys British Airways Offer (Oct 2019)

    Flybuys are appearing to have a 50x Flybuys points on all bookings made via their website for British Airways. I've never booked travel via flybuys, but my understanding is that this would normally be 1 Flybuys Point per dollar spent, so (for example) a booking worth $2000 would get 100,000...
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    QANTAS announces direct BNE-ORD / BNE-SFO

    Chicago flights may be launched today Qantas expected to announce non-stop Chicago flights today