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 2 March 2017

Living the Flying Dream

What's your dream flight? This week our members discuss their ideas of the ultimate flying indulgence, be it a flight on the Concorde, a trip in First class or the chance to fly in a private jet! One member's dream is to fly in

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Emirates to Charge for On-Board Showers?

As competition in the international aviation market intensifies, cash-strapped airlines are eagerly searching for new ways to make money. With international airfares at record lows, even full-service airlines are beginning to look towards ancillary revenue. Ancillary revenue refers to the income received by airlines for additional products and services
which are not included in the cost of the airfare. Traditionally, low-cost airlines have relied heavily on ancillary revenue. Their strategy is to draw in customers with low base fares, then charge extra more

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Qantas Secures Frequent Flyer Accounts

Qantas is trialling additional security measures to protect its members' frequent flyer accounts against fraud. Once the changes are implemented, activities such as logging into your frequent flyer account or redeeming points will become a two-step process. Using what's known as "two-factor authentication", Qantas will soon require its frequent
flyers to either enter a code sent to their phone by SMS, or answer a security question, when accessing their accounts. This system is commonly used by banks to protect customers more

Iceland, Morocco, Oman, Botswana... In One Trip!

Our member henleybeach recently enjoyed quite the whirlwind trip to some incredible destinations all over the world. Over just a few weeks, this member visited nine countries including Iceland, Morocco, Oman, South Africa and Botswana. In the process this member also flew on seven different airlines. These included well-known airlines like Etihad
and Singapore Airlines, as well as some more obscure carriers such as Icelandair and Royal Air Maroc. I've decided I would do a trip report of my upcoming holiday with the better half. Since more
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