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Monday, 13 September 2021

Passport Renewal Delays Expected
With Australia's international border set to reopen within months - at least for some states and territories - it's almost time to dust off your passport... and more importantly, check when it expires!

Qantas Business Rewards Points Expiry Warning
Qantas Business Rewards points expire after 18 months of account inactivity. This recently happened to multiple AFF members who say they got no warning.


Niche New Routes Launched to Launceston
It's been a busy week for Launceston Airport, with new routes to Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane as airlines use creative route planning to get around border closures.

Updated Overview of State Border Restrictions
Our summary of Australian state & territory border restrictions, including permits required for interstate travel, is updated every Monday morning.

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AFF Community Round-Up
Pick up or give away free travel-related goodies
Do you have a spare airline lounge pass, or things like airline pyjamas or amenity kits that you don't need and would like to give away?

While we don't allow selling or soliciting for free stuff on AFF, our members are welcome to give away things like lounge passes to other AFF members for free. To do so, simply start a thread and mark it with the "Free" prefix so it will appear in the list of "Free" Threads in our Classifieds section.
Featured AFF Member Trip Report
Flowers, sun and stubble.
Trip report by OZDUCK | As I mentioned in my post in the 'Office' view thread I mentioned that we had made a short, 3 day, visit to a farm about 300 km east of here. We went about 20 km east of the town of Merriden and then another 30 km north of the highway on a mixture of bitumen and gravel roads. My brother in law rents one of the old farm houses so he can live his preferred very quiet lifestyle. read more...
AFF Member Profile
This week we interviewed AFF member NickCorr from Melbourne. NickCorr joined Australian Frequent Flyer in 2020 and has so far made 92 posts.

Q: Where did you go on your last trip?
A: My last actual trip was in November 2019 when I went on a business trip to Singapore and Thailand. I usually stay with my sister and her family when I am in Singapore and did for a couple of days. However, my Friday evening flight from BKK to MEL required me to overnight at SIN so I stayed at the Jet Quay lounge in one of their 6 hour rooms. Was a nice experience and I think I will do it again, rather than turning up at my sister's at midnight and going again in the morning.

Was supposed to fly with the family to the UK on March 19th 2020 for my Dads 90th in UK and my Sisters 50th in Singapore, but COVID happened... Luckily was able to get Qantas flight credit and cancel the cars and hotels with no charge, but did have some excitement cancelling the first night's accommodation and only got hold of the hotel 20 minutes before the scheduled check in time.

Q: Where will you go when the current travel restrictions are lifted?
A: Having missed my Dad and sister's birthdays last year, we would love to go to UK and Singapore for their 92nd and 52nd Birthdays in 2022. Given the recent Qantas announcement, we will book these tickets soon using the credit from our cancelled 2020 trip. But it's sad to see how much more expensive it will be to fly moving forwards. Daughter is also now 13 which makes her an adult too.

Q: Favourite airline?
A: I am a career economy flyer, both for work and pleasure. My loyalty is to Qantas and Oneworld, and I learnt from an early stage to book flights with Qantas flight numbers where possible. But when I was flying a to Asia regularly and spending a lot of time in China and Japan, Cathay Pacific was my go to choice. I spent many an hour in Hong Kong Airport checking out the lounges, getting some work done, eating Dim Sum and Haagen Dazs! Was pleasantly surprised a good number of times on arrival in HKG to be met with my name on a sign and being presented with a new "turn left" boarding card for the next flight. Hint Hint Qantas... :)

Q: What's one piece of advice you would give to a new AFF member?
A: Be super nice to the airline and check-in staff! As a 1.93m/120kg guy, I have found that a smile and a "how is your day going" generates more extra legroom and comfort seats than demanding them...

Q: Favourite forum on AFF?
I love the Trip Reports forum. Living vicariously though others at the moment, but great for suggestions and ideas from real people, not just regurgitated adutainment pieces from agencies.

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