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Monday, 6 September 2021

A Tale of 3 Refunds: Qantas vs Virgin vs Rex
Difficulties and delays with getting refunds have been among the most common complaints about airlines during COVID-19.

We've previously covered the differences in the refund policies of Qantas, Virgin and Rex. But how easy is it to request a refund? And how long does it actually take to receive a refund from Australia's three major airlines when you're entitled to one?

Claim 1,500 Free Etihad Guest Miles
Etihad Airways is offering 1,500 free miles to all members of its Etihad Guest frequent flyer program who register by today, as part of its 15th birthday celebration.


Podcast #68: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Travel agent Alan Lam returns to the AFF on AIR podcast to discuss the outlook for international travel to and from Australia over the coming months, and beyond.

Updated Overview of State Border Restrictions
Our summary of Australian state & territory border restrictions, including permits required for interstate travel, is updated every Monday morning.

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AFF Community Round-Up
Test your travel knowledge and/or post your own photo
Bored at home in lockdown? On the back of RooFlyer's fun "name that monument" thread, Quickstatus has started a popular new thread where any AFF member can post a photo from anywhere around the world and other AFF members try to guess where it is. There are already some great travel photos posted, including quite a few cryptic locations. read more...

There's also another new thread where you can post the best view you've seen from a hotel room anywhere in the world. There are some absolute crackers! read more...
Featured AFF Member Trip Report
A short overseas adventure (well sort of)
Trip report by Matt_01 | So not quite overseas (international) more like a ferry ride to Kangaroo Island. I realised the other week that MissM had a couple of pupil free days so rather than a 4 day weekend at home it was time for a short break. The plan was simple drive and get on the ferry but due to the late planning the only option was a 6am ferry which was to early for Mrs and MissM so they are flying. read more...
AFF Member Profile
This week we interviewed AFF member oz_ally from Rockhampton. oz_ally joined Australian Frequent Flyer in 2019 and has so far made 85 posts.

Q: Where did you go on your last trip?
A: I just returned from a quick 3 night trip to the Gold Coast (flying in and out of BNE) yesterday to spend time with my sister and her kids for her birthday. It was a bit scary hearing about the new Covid cases while I was down there but thankfully I never went anywhere near the exposure sites. Plus - the trip down pushed me over the line from Virgin Silver to Gold.

Q: Where will you go when the current travel restrictions are lifted?
A: For a long time I have wanted to go to Hawaii so that would be my first choice - apart from all the usual reasons to visit I really want to go to Lanai Cat Sanctuary. My second choice is Scandinavia. I love my Nordic Noir TV shows and I find the landscapes, scenery and lifestyle etc very appealing.

Q: Favourite airline?
A: I only have status with Virgin so that's who I fly with mostly. The staff are always lovely and even though things are not like they used to be unfortunately, I'm sticking with them. Covid aside they've pretty much always been on time and I've only had one flight cancelled (before Covid that is) and that was well in advance. I was booked to go to Vanuatu and they had to cancel all flights for a few months due to runway problems over there. I've never had a problem getting a refund from Virgin even when I have chosen the cheapy fare. Travel Bank refunds don't bother me because I'll always find somewhere to go to use it.

Q: What's one piece of advice you would give to a new AFF member?
A: If you're ever offered a Velocity "Explore Gold" challenge from Virgin, take it! Back in 2017 I got the offer as a lowly Red. For 3 months I would experience what it was like to be Gold status on any flights I took. I thought it was wonderful. I thought I would drop back to Red when the time was up but I was surprised that I dropped back to Silver and managed to keep it going - until my recent upgrade of course.

Q: Favourite thread on AFF?
It will come as no surprise that I read the Virgin Australia Velocity section quite a bit. I do scour it for info I may have missed in emails etc. or for feedback from others regarding whatever the current happenings with Virgin/Velocity are. My favourite thread though is Virgin Australia Promo Codes. I have found codes on other sites in the past but once I found the AFF forum I loved that I found some codes that I hadn't seen anywhere else before so I only check here now - and because the codes are constantly being tried (who doesn't love a cheaper flight?) we know which ones are still working.

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