Text Ad Pricing

Banner Ad Pricing

Purchasing Guidelines

Your campaign will go live once we receive your payment and approve the campaign. The approval process could take 24 hours.

For Banner advertising, the default campaign duration is 1 month. (ie. we will manage the delivery of your banners so that the campaign will take 1 month to deliver all booked impressions). If you wish this to be changed, please state your preference by replying to the email you will receive when we acknowledge your booking. For Text Ads, there is no default campaign duration - the length of the campaign will depend on what other Text Ads are being displayed.

If you are purchasing Banner Ads, you will need to upload your banners. If you don't already have banners you can use some of the free tools available online such as www.bannersnack.com (free, but payment required to remove watermark) or www.bannersketch.eu. There are many other such services. Do a Google search to find one that works for you. Alternatively use a service such as www.fiverr.com where you can get a custom banner made for just $5!

Text Ads do not require banners, so no artwork is required.

For full details about advertising on the Australian Frequent Flyer see