Finnair A320 Family Business Class Seat Overview

Finnair A321 business class
Finnair A321 Business Class cabin. Photo: Matt Graham.

On Finnair’s Airbus A319, A320 and A321 fleets, the Business Class cabin is in the “Euro-Business” style. That is, the Business seats are simply Economy seats with a blocked middle seat.

Finnair does provide full meal service, pillows, blankets etc. in Business Class on short-haul flights, however the actual seats are no different to the slimline Economy seats.

Seat type European Business Class (Economy seat)
Seating configuration 2-2 (the actual seating layout is 3-3 but the middle seats are kept vacant)
In-flight entertainment No
Wifi? Yes
Best seats Row 1 is at a bulkhead so has some more knee-room, but you can stretch your legs out further (under the seat in front) in row 2 or beyond.

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