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My 1000th post

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Jun 16, 2006
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Well here I am posting #1000 and I don't know the protocol so I'll just do it. I thought I would mark this event with a quick summary of my AFF "life' so far.

Back in 2006 I joined this group called AFF. I have been a QFF since 1995 but had never reached any status. I didn’t understand all the perks and angles. Fast forward to 2012, the company I work for sends me to work in Sydney from Perth, then some DSC offers kick in. Suddenly, I’m earning 160SC per trip and before I know it, I’ve smashed through Gold and am now WP. I amassed close to 2000 SC that year, got previously unknown loyalty bonuses and other perks. Also along that journey I had a couple of JASA’s to get me to gold before the DSC kicked in.

I took my wife to the Sydney First Lounge, a once off experience. Last year we traveled in Qatar J to Europe and back, all on points. This year we’ll be traveling the USA and back in J. In between, there have been many J domestic trips, many on awards. None of these things would have been possible without the collective wisdom of AFF. I have churned more credit cards than I care to recall, my friends think I’m crazy but the results speak for themselves.

I discovered the hotline to Red Roo which has been helpful too.

So to all the very helpful travelers on AFF, I say, thank you. I hope somewhere in my 1000 posts I have given something back and helped out and I look forward to many years of AFF membership.


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Nov 16, 2004
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Well done ... looking at your posts I note much putting in from your experiences - such really helps newer/less knowledgeable travellers and be sure you input is appreciated.

Where from here? Well it's only onward and upwards - enjoy the journey ... :D
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