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Diamond benefits at two separate Hilton's on same day?


Apr 17, 2006
Taking the old folks to KUL for a week but want to book 2 separate Hilton's with my Diamond status so folks can experience Diamond benefits. I want to put the folks in the expensive Hilton whilst myself in the cheaper Garden Inn Hilton as too expensive for all of us to stay in the one expensive Hilton with 2 rooms.

I understand the rule is the Diamond member must check-in to obtain Diamond benefits for the room, therefore I will book and check-in at both hotels. At the expensive Hilton I will check-in 3 of us in the room, which hopefully be upgraded to Executive thanks to my Diamond status.

I will also say that breakfast is just for the 2 folks and not for me (same with Exec lounge) and will not mention that I will actually be staying at cheaper Garden Inn Hilton down the road.

Whilst at Garden Inn Hilton, I am hoping to also use my Diamond benefits to get room upgrade and free breakfast.

So will this work, can I obtain Diamond benefits at 2 separate Hilton's on the same day?