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CBA Platinum Mastercard

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Sep 5, 2002
After a long standing unsuccessful tussle with Citibank, I have got a CBA Platinum Mastercard. the benefits do not seem to be that grinum eat, but with the card, I got some freebies - one day car hire free, 4000 points for an Audi-test drive, etc.
My main reason is to have the perceived "prestige value" as it seems to count when you are trying to develop your business. Added benefit is that it is a Mastercard - in my recent trip to India, I found Mastercard was more popular in India and had a lot of in-store discounts and promotions.
I will now cancel my Citibank gold Visa (which they sent instead of Platinum and I refused to use it as I did not want to pay the annual fee for that card).
I may try next year to get HSBC Platinum Visa to experience the Visa Platinum feeling!



Established Member
Nov 10, 2002
Would I be correct in stating, that it doesn't matter which bank (the pun) you have your card with.... it's the 'platinum' staus that counts.

A Citibank Visa Platinum card has the same Visa Platinum benfits as does a Visa Platinum card from any other bank.

The same for Mastercard Platinum.

The exception, would be Amex Platinum (and now Centurian).

The thing I don't like about Visa Platinum in Australia, is that there is no Visa Platinum for Australia!.... it's Visa Platinum for the Asia - Pacific.... with a distinct preference to Asia. there are very few benefits for Australian card holders (compared with those for Asian card holders)

I'm always reassessing my credit cards.... looking for better deals!

Not open for further replies.