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Jun 29, 2014
Hi next friday 19th Dec we are leaving Port Macquarie Aust - Qantas for a USA UK FRANCE trip
2 adults two kids 13 & 17

Im thinking a 30 day Admiral Pass could be good value . but we are away more then 30 days. So im thinking just use it the later part of the trip..
So the bottom 4 occasions From the British airways flights onwards...

Following flights
PMQ-Syd Qantas
Syd to LAX Qantas --4 hour layover 11am - 4pm Use Qantas Lounge at T1 For Lunch ?? --US Airways To SFO
Reno to Flagstaff US Airways No Lounge
LAs Vegas to New York Jet Blue Wrong airline
8am departure Breakfast Use AA Lounge at JFK - New york to London - British Airways
11am departure use for Breakfast - BA Lounge ?? London to New york - British Airways 4 hour layover JFK to Denver Delta Airlines
Denver to LAX united
10.20 pm departure - US AA Lounge for Dinner and drinks ?? LAX to Sydney Qantas
4 hour layover in sydney use Qantas T3 lounge to rest and early lunch - Syd to Port Macquaie - Qantas

So it seems like we would get 4 uses with a child and adult getting access each time so roughly $15USD per visit... which seems pretty good value...

My question to you is have i got this right... will i get myself and the kids in plus my wife on 2 x 30 day memberships to the above lounges prior to those flights listed. and for anyone with knowledge for those lounges are they in locations that will allow usage at those times.. eg if i had to use the lounge at JFK at 6.30am to 7.30 am will there actually be any food and coffee avail etc.

Many thanks for your time in reading / responding..


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Nov 16, 2004
There's not really much in the way of complimentary foord available in Admirals clubs. There are light snacks but anything more substantial needs to be purchased.

Also, there is no lounge access before the BA flights (AA membership lounge access for partner airline only works before QF flights) nor will you get airside at T8 to access the AA lounges there (BA leaves from T7).

Same at LHR.

At LAX before flying back to Australia, you would have access to the AC in T4 and the *O lounge at TBIT (where your flight departs from).

Admirals Club Locations And Pass Information

AA membership access to Admirals Clubs is for the member and up to two guests or immediate family (spouse, domestic partner and/or children under 18 years of age) may accompany the member.

It's a little different for QP's.

More on this thread: http://www.australianfrequentflyer....advantage/aas-admirals-club-30-day-37926.html
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