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Search results

  1. elogic

    Qantas refund email address

    Thanks DC3, I knew I'd seen it somewhere
  2. elogic

    Qantas refund email address

    Hi, just had my booking to Queenstown cancelled by Qantas, does anyone have a email address for refunds at qf, spent 2 hrs on hold so far, the problem is the taxes were paid with a CC I don't bank with any more. I need to provide new CC details.
  3. elogic

    Fly365 - Gone!

    I just had a similar issue with VA, the Ota turned off all phones and wouldn't reply to emails after being overwhelmed , I Tweeted VA but the reply was always " as the booking was done thru a third party they couldn't help". I called Amex platinum and asked for a dispute charge back, if your...
  4. elogic

    Va to Sq interline with on separrate PNRs

    Thanks Matt , i rebooked the domestic leg to an earlier flight to make sure my trip goes smoothly
  5. elogic

    Va to Sq interline with on separrate PNRs

    I asked to link the bookings and was told on the 3 calls made this wasnt an option
  6. elogic

    Va to Sq interline with on separrate PNRs

    Thanks for the responses , i called 3 times today , all 3 call relayed they are a partner but will need to collect bags and checkin to Sq
  7. elogic

    Va to Sq interline with on separrate PNRs

    Domestic is on different PNR , will give VA a call tomorrow , cheers
  8. elogic

    Va to Sq interline with on separrate PNRs

    Hi Im trying to confirm if my baggage will go to final destination Im booked Adl-Mel on VA then Mel - Man on Sq , travel booked in J , worried i only have 2hrs in between if I need to pick up my bags and checkin in Mel Will VA ticket me and bags to Man when departing in Adl ?? Cheers
  9. elogic

    Free Qantas Wines promo discount codes.

    I got the call , spend over 2k received bonus 30k in points plus the bonus points and spend points
  10. elogic

    Cover-More - Cancel-For-Any-Reason (CFAR)

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has had any issues or used Cover-More Cancel-For-Any-Reason (CFAR) It seems to be advertised as a cover that will provide cover for Australian travellers wanting to book holidays to Bali with their travel agent and ensure they are covered for travel disruptions due...
  11. elogic

    New RewardPay Rates are not really good enough

    Has anyone used new startup Bluechain? COMPONENT DESCRIPTION BENEFIT Convenience fee The convenience fee covers the cost of processing the payment. –1.95% Reward points Payments on American Express cards typically attract 2 points per dollar, with an average value of 2 cents per...
  12. elogic

    Stopovers with Asia Miles

    Hi Just trying to find if you still get 2 stopovers on an award booking using Asia miles??? Im looking at Syd-Nrt-Hnl with a stop in Tokyo , then returning to Syd direct or via Nrt Cheers in advance
  13. elogic

    Interline VA and SQ

    Hi Just checking VA still interline with SQ , flying ADL- MEL on VA then MEL- MAN on SQ in J Will I need to pick up my bags in Mel ?
  14. elogic

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Hi Chicken I did an online chat and call , the online chat told me they activated the double points , I then asked for something in writing on the phone . Shortly after I received an email with the information posted . FYI Im putting 100k a month on the card
  15. elogic

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Not sure if i missed any updates for the Amex Gold charge but i received the below Dear Mr. B#6*(, I am writing in relation to our telephone conversation concerning your American Express Card Account. Please accept this letter as confirmation of the following actions taken on your Account...
  16. elogic

    Answered Best travel card on short notice

    Im after a Travel type card ( with low fees in mind ) I fly to NZ next Thursday , Are there any "pickup" cards that are better than Qantas Cash/Virgin wallet Not sure wether to just use my Amex and pay fees or try to find something with no fees and a reasonable rate I'm guess the 28deg will...
  17. elogic

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Have just been on the phone with MR, I was told the doubling of points isnt down to the type of card Its about the spend on it and time with amex , including payments on time I have the Gold Business charge , spending 90k a month . Was told I would be receiving the offer due to my spend with...
  18. elogic

    Cash Rewards not approving purchases

    Is anyone else noticing Cash Rewards not posting to accounts I'm noticing transactions not posting , its always large transactions that get declined Also Expedia transactions , seems to be selective in the credit amount if its approved or denied all small transactions post in 12-36hrs , the...
  19. elogic

    SQ stopover options

    105k points plus around $100 in tax for adl to lhr or man is there a cheaper or better way? I know you can choose stopover in Frankfurt on the way to the Us, just wondering if I can get to Oslo with a stop in Manchester as I've read Manchester is an option for stopovers