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Search results

  1. DoctorSimon

    QF Points taken and fast response from Qantas

    Thanks for the kind thoughts 'I love to travel' :). levelnine, I get a code texted to my mobile if I log on to my Qantas account from a different computer. I assume clicking on a link would initate the same?
  2. DoctorSimon

    QF Points taken and fast response from Qantas

    Hi, I checked my QFF account on Easter Monday and found 185,000 points had been spent by someone (unknown) two days earlier (Easter Saturday) on a booking for 3 adults. Rang Qantas and advised, they cancelled the reservations. I sent in a stat dec with the details late on Easter Monday night...
  3. DoctorSimon

    Card Promotions St George Credit Card, 60k QF points and 0 AF for year 1

    I am already a StG customer and used their internet 'chat line'. They initially said the free 1st year offer was closed. I say I understood that 'existing customers could quote code EB and get the 1st year free'. After referring to supervisor, he agreed and told me to call StG and quote code...
  4. DoctorSimon

    Card Promotions NAB Velocity Rewards Premium (75,000 Velocity points $150 annual fee/$1500 spend)

    This offer has been extended until 2 Oct 2016 according to the NAB website.
  5. DoctorSimon

    Velocity/Virgin websites are RUBBISH

    On the subject that the site is rubbish, can I add another problem. Does anyone know how to stop the Virgin website from hiding prices on alternative days? For example, I search for BNE-LAX on 2 Aug. It displays the best prices for 3 days before and after 2 Aug very briefly before replacing...
  6. DoctorSimon

    Avianca Brazil Amigo status match

    Thanks. I didn'the see a number but I'll have a search thru my history files
  7. DoctorSimon

    Avianca Brazil Amigo status match

    When you registered did you get an email or a FRIEND number? I can'tell find the number although I can log in to my account.
  8. DoctorSimon

    EY Gold Status match

    Hi Just checked my Eithad account and it has been upgraded to Gold. No email as yet. Used my Aegean Gold card to apply. Sent the application on 2 March and nothing heard inbetween - assumed it was lost.
  9. DoctorSimon

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    No it was the Amex issued Velocity Card
  10. DoctorSimon

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    My Velocity Amex statement turned up today WITHOUT the points for a $1500 payment to the ATO. Two months ago I got points for an ATO payment of about the same amount.
  11. DoctorSimon

    Door Closes On Quickest Way to Star Gold (New A3 Rules)

    As most people know, the quickest way to gain Star Alliance Gold is with Aegean airlines freq flyer program. It only requires 20k tier miles to qualify - ie one return economy trip to Europe. However, from 24 November they are 'enhancing' the Miles&Bonus program. It will require 24k points...
  12. DoctorSimon

    ATO Credit Card Points Summary

    Zero points for ATO with Virgin Money cards
  13. DoctorSimon

    Card Promotions $0 Annual Fee for Life on Citi Platinum/Signature CC Complimentary Insurance

    Thanks to the people who found this - it is a great offer. I used the extension of the closing date to apply yesterday (Jan 1) and received a phone call re some details this morning (Jan 2) and an acceptance email into the program this afternoon. Less than 24 hours to be accepted for (what...
  14. DoctorSimon

    Miro VIP Lounge in Barcelona

    Hi Sawa, How did you get on? I am doing the same - departing BCN on a Singapore Airlines ticket and am a VA Gold member. Thanks
  15. DoctorSimon

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    I have just got my latest Virgin Flyer credit card statement and it appears that I did not get any points for my ATO payments. I have done in the past:confused:. Has there been a change in policy?
  16. DoctorSimon

    Sabre/New website problems - all my status credits are gone!

    Re: Anyone missing their status credits since the new system upgrade? Yet another with zero SCs
  17. DoctorSimon

    Cheaper flexi flights

    I think they are responding to the low numbers of people using J and flexi fares. I flew OOL-MEL return yesterday and had no-one in J on the way down and 2-3 in J on the way back. I was a flexi fare ($209 each way which I see is $149 now) and when they were giving out the free snacks I think I...
  18. DoctorSimon

    When not to use your QFF points

    Using Qantas FF points to buy an economy return flight (20-26 June) from the Gold Coast to Osaka (it is actually Jetstar) costs 60,000 QFF points and taxes of $424. But the same Jetstar flights can be purchased on the Jetstar website for $419 !!! So what extras do I get for the $5 and 60,000...
  19. DoctorSimon

    class codes for Virgin Blue

    Hi Where do I find the class codes (B, J, E, Y, R, V, X) etc for Virgin Blue? I can only find 'Blue Saver' etc on the confirmation emails. Thanks
  20. DoctorSimon

    The innocence of youth

    A friend of my son, a 20-something, was travelling Brisbane to Rockhampton return on Tiger. He forgot to check-in online and print his boarding passes before starting the trip, so he knew he would be up for an extra $15 each way. Anyway, checking in at the airport in Rockie for his return...