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Search results

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    Question No points for payments via Postbillpay?

    I've just got my first statement for my Altitude Black (Velocity). No points were awarded for a council rates payment using Postbillpay and Paypal. Is this normal? (I haven't used Postbillpay for anything else in this statement period.) (The sign-up page for this card only lists ATO as...
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    Question Time for bonus Velocity points to be credited and transferred from Westpac

    Much to my surprise, Westpac just let me have a Black card... I can't see info about the waiting time for bonus Velocity points to be awarded after the qualifying spend, but from a few comments in this forum, am I right in thinking that for Westpac: points from spend within a statement period...
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    Answered Advice on connections quandary in Indonesia (ARD-KOE/-SUB/-SIN) on

    Hi folks. I'm hoping those of you with broad travel experience in Indonesia might have some wisdom to share... I am booked to fly SUB-SIN-MEL on a Saturday in May; VA award on SQ (J). Dep SUB 18:40. I was planning to get to SUB (Surabaya) from ARD (Alor) as follows, sold on one ticket as a...
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    Experiences with missed connection claims?

    Many years ago I (or my alter ego aspro) asked a similar question here to little response, but I think the scenario was less common then: Think about delays/disruptions affecting e.g. separately ticketed flights with "reasonable" transit time allowed (not the novice 2-hr transit between...
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    signing up again after a year

    I was under the impression that you could churn back (so to speak) to ANZ and take advantage of the current offer, but read this: Am I right in believing that once you have ceased being a customer for 12months (I cancelled my ANZ FF card 13 months ago), you are treated as a new customer upon...
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    MEL - Japan/Taiwan - Europe - MEL mostly points, maybe even EK F

    I've got one of those convoluted looking-for-opinions questions :) Trying to get my head around options and best choices for MEL > western Japan and/or Taiwan > Europe > MEL. As I have limited miles earning opportunities and rarely spare cash for premium travel, I like the experience to feel...
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    OTAs that provide seat selection?

    I haven't found any recent thread about the pros/cons of the various local OTAs (trust/cardfees/bookingfees/usefulness), but I wondered today about whether is the only provider that allows direct seat selection when purchasing? In my case this particular issue is...
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    premium economy options to europe (non-QF destinations)

    Looking at a fortnight in Paris (ex MEL) and have been investigating mild improvements in comfort for the trip. I hope the list proves useful for others, and of course I'd appreciate feedback for my own decision. No premium economy sales of any attractive value. QF/AF is over $4800, VA/EY is...
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    cheapest way to do circle MEL > USA westcoast > Japan?

    My partner and I want to travel MEL-SFO-Japan(any city)-MEL or vv in Dec/Jan over 2-3 weeks. Flexible about intermediate stops, prefer not to backtrack much. I'm acutely aware that prices are all over the place for that period depending on travel dates, so at the moment curious more about what...
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    overview of LCC ancillary fees?

    Just wondering if there is any site (or thread here... haven't found it) that tries to keep track of the ancillary (add-on) fees being levied by LCCs in/serving Australia? I avoid the LCCs, but was trying to check the JQ fees for various add-ons on a flight to/from Japan and it seems the *only*...
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    Etihad C to Europe or NYC $6200 ends Sunday

    Hi everyone. I found that Etihad's C-class fares in their current specials were surprisingly good. MEL-Europe-MEL for circa $6220 inclusive. Cheaper from (I paid $6044 incl for LHR/CDG) and Only valid until Sunday (18/1) -- I'm posting this cos it hasn't been...
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    birthday junket in C/J - sensible budget-kindly solutions sought

    Hi all. Next June I'll celebrate my 40th. I'd like to head off for 4-5 weeks in May (flexible). I'm an experienced independent budget traveller. Not scared of odd ticket combinations, novel suggestions, etc. Would like this trip to be nice and comfortable in the air, but I'm always travelling...
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    Insurance for missed connections on separate tickets?

    An increasingly common travel scenario involves passengers transferring to different flights with different tickets at various intermediate point, what with tourists transferring to/from LCCs in different regions or just buying separate tix on various websites. (E.g. pax flying to Asia or Europe...
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    Qatar Airways in C, but how best to do it ex Australia?

    I'm trying to work the logistics for the following in early May. Qatar Airways directly sells excellent business fares to Europe ex-Asia. AUD 1980 ret to all European ports from all Asian ports! Marvellous:), especially with the Doha premium terminal and C class on their A340-600. (Prices...
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    SQ business RTW fare rules

    After a touch of chagrin:oops: at mislaying the source of fare rules for the SQ-only business RTW, I hereby attempt to redeem myself by revealing the current rules for Australia.:mrgreen: BUT KiwiFlyer was right in suspecting SQ would apply surcharges even on its own RTW and not just on the *A...
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    I want my seat back:(

    Back in May I secured an upgrade for MEL-LAX on 18 Sep. I was assigned my requested seat, 17A. Checked that it was in the system a few weeks later and yes, all fine. Printed out a record of it. Just looked at the itinerary again on and I discover the seat assignment has been changed...
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    *lite itinerary (UA MP)

    After a bazillion changes, lots of ums and ahs, and heaps of dithering, I would like to ask for some comments about this itinerary. Starlite, H-class. My holiday involves the cities SAN, LAX, YUL and CDG. The initial itinerary was: MEL-(SYD)-LAX // SAN-(LAX)-YUL // YUL-CDG // CDG-(SIN)-MEL...
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    fly LAX-SAN or just drive?

    Hi folks. Visiting a friend in San Diego in September. Flying into LAX on UA from MEL/SYD. He's happy to pick me up from LAX, or I could get a connecting flight down to SAN. That short hop would earn 500mi, but which is more hassle -- connecting, or making my mate drive through LAX?
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    MEL-BME-SYD fares

    A friend from overseas is coming down in August and wants to fly (SYD-)MEL-BME-SYD. There's a real paucity of comfortable QF connections on both legs, with many leaving very early or getting in very late. Current eDeal fares are about $380 and $400 for the two legs. DJ is ok via ADL for...
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    of Virgin, check-in and stuff

    Flew DJ for the first time in a while. Used their online check-in outbound, which was admirably simple, and got myself a seat up the front in the more-legroom area :) Had to check in at the airport on the way back, using a BlueCheck terminal. They are a pain. I had used one previously, shortly...