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Search results

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    Got status matched! Now what? Star Alliance / United / Thai

    I'd like to book at UA flight this week to take advantage of some great prices for travel in October/November this year. If I apply for the status match (currently Platinum with QF) in say late June (to meet the 90 day limit on the status challenge), will my existing booking be recognised as...
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    The End of Cheap Status

    maybe you'd be so kind to provide the link ?
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    The End of Cheap Status

    Seems to be a 6 sector flight with only 2 sectors in First. How does it earn so many SC's?
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    The End of Cheap Status

    Can anyone recommend a decent Status Run on AA for next April? The prices now seem to be around US$1350 - gone are the US$850 days it seems :(
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    Oneworld separate ticket interline changes

    and make sure you allow 30 minutes for bags to get to LAX carousel, a 10 minute walk to TBIT, then 30 minutes to recheck bag at airline, then up to 60 minute wait to get through security!
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    Card Promotions ANZ QFF Black 75,000 bonus with no annual fee 1st year -only $2500 spend 1st 3 months

    Re: ANZ QFF Black 75,000 bonus with no annual fee 1st year -only $2500 spend 1st 3 mo Did you have a problem with the 75000 points posting? ANZ are telling me not eligible as a previous card was only closed 11 months and 1 week earlier
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    Lounge Meets April 2016

    Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April Username Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guest/s Power71 Power71 QF529 QF8766 BNE SYD International QF J Lounge QF F Lounge 1200 0730 2 1
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    Lord Howe Island Price! Awards are better value (if you can get'em)

    Seat availability is generally good during winter - yeh who wants to go then! There are however some seats released in the summer months at the last minute. I looked during Christmas/New Year and there was some seats available in February 2016 however the return leg was 10 days later...
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    Hi mate. Thanks for your message. I have 3 passes available at $50 each if you're interested.

    Hi mate. Thanks for your message. I have 3 passes available at $50 each if you're interested.
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    Qantas business class passenger accuses airline of ‘blatant homophobia’

    She knows she didn't have a case against Qantas because they state they can change ones seat at anytime for operational reasons. How many times did she throw the discrimination word in though - sheesh! Honestly, 2hr 30 min in the air. Let the lovely 70yo couple sit together and harden up!
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    Qantas Lounge Pass - Single Entry

    You might be able to pick some up on Gumtree. PM me as I may be able to help out
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    re: Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options Need 580SC to retain WP. Heading to Canada and wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a run out of VYR? Thanks in advance
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    New Terminal 4 MEL no more JQ Lounging?

    I'm still quite surprised that ten years on, QF still allow JQ passengers to use the lounge. I can see one day it will be to Business Class passengers (International flights) or One World Status (Gold/Plat) only and won't extend to QC purchased entry.
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    AA offers Fast-Track to Elite Status

    I've registered and they say another email will be sent on 14 September - I'd say if this is received, no dramas. So any suggestions on how to achieve this cheaply and routing suggestions?
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    AA offers Fast-Track to Elite Status

    American Airlines Offers Fast Track to Elite Status If you fly on American, US Airways, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines or Qantas and earn the required elite-qualifying points between September 14 and December 23, 2015, you’ll receive elite status through February 28, 2017. The...
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    Access to EK Lounge Auckland - QF WP on EK Ticketed flight

    Yep, aware no SC's - but hoping as WP in the EK booking system, they might give me a nice upgrade from Y to J as they have done once before :)
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    Access to EK Lounge Auckland - QF WP on EK Ticketed flight

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, however I am booked directly with EK on an EK flight number and currently hold WP QF status. Can I access the EK lounge in AKL? I understand that as I have not booked a QF flight number, that I can no longer access to QF lounge in AKL.
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    Retro claims time frame

    I flew with VA in November 2014 and am STILL waiting for my Etihad Guest account to be credited with the BNE-PER, PER-BNE travel I completed. I have sent multiple emails to both Etihad and Virgin with both companies blaming each other. It's now August 2015 - 9 months later and still no...
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    Bugger [744 substituted in for and A380]

    Due to fly on QF11 on Thurs 28 May - fingers crossed this bird has not changed to a 744
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    QF A380 out of action for 6 weeks

    So what flight/routing is affected by this equipment change?