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Search results

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    Flybuys British Airways Offer (Oct 2019)

    Flybuys are appearing to have a 50x Flybuys points on all bookings made via their website for British Airways. I've never booked travel via flybuys, but my understanding is that this would normally be 1 Flybuys Point per dollar spent, so (for example) a booking worth $2000 would get 100,000...
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    The land of Iceland, Norwegian Coastal Cruise and a touch of Germany!

    Greetings! I've just arrived back from a 5 week trip covering Iceland, Norway and Germany (with a side trip to the UK to visit family) where I had an amazing time during my time away. Really recommend you give Iceland and Norway a go during the winter season if you get the chance. Highlights...
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    Qatar Airways up to 12% Off Promo Code (Expires 31/7/17)

    Came across this promo code that was emailed to me today. Enjoy up to 12% off* your next Qatar Airways flightTake advantage and enjoy a special discount valid for leisure travel to some of our top destinations worldwide...
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    When to get new Credit Card?

    Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new credit card and am unsure when the best time to get one would be. I know that the new RBA changes come into effect on July 1, but don't want to go through getting a new card now, only for the rewards etc to change as a result of the RBA changes. Am I better...
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    Emirates offering 2 for 1 Economy deals ex USA

    Came across this for anyone based in the USA. 2 for 1 deals (Economy) on Emirates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (28/11). Travel between 9th Jan and Oct 14 2017. Emirates Black Friday Cyber Monday Two-For-One Deals
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    Air Canada or WestJet YYZ-YVR

    Hi All, Looking at booking a flight later November between Toronto and Vancouver, and have the option to choose between Air Canada and WestJet. Firstly, any ideas which would be the preferred carrier between the two? Secondly, if AC is better, I have the choice between flights on the A321...
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    Any way to tell when QF Sales Expire?

    I'm looking at the Qantas website and see that they have a USA Deal on at the moment, but can't find anywhere where they say when the sale finishes. I haven't received an email so can't check that out like I'd normally do to find when the sale expires. Any ideas where to find it out without...
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    Finnair Specials - Expire 31/5

    YOUR SHORTCUT TO EUROPE Book by 31 May Make the most of our amazing special offers on flights to Europe. Depart from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane orAdelaide and fly via Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok – and soon you’ll find yourself in a top European hot spot! Don’t miss out – be sure...
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    Old Booking still in MMB?

    I've noticed that in the MMB section of the QF Website, I still have an old booking from Xmas time sitting there with all flights on that booking flown. Anyone else noticed this or have this issue?
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    Need help to get to Gold!

    Hi All, My boss at work is 115SC away from getting SG and wants to get this by the end of Nov (end of his year) as cheap as possible and is also based in ADL. I've already mentioned to him about the option via LA SYD-AKL, or business ADL-SYD-OOL etc, however the cheapest I can get is about...
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    AA or US First Class?

    Hi All, I'm travelling from Washington to Seattle in September (one-way) and keen to fly first class given the cost is only around $650 USD if booked <90 days out. Am I better looking at AA or US, given SC's will be the same (210 via DFW or PHX)? Unsure which is better, so seeking some...
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    CX Status Credits

    Hi All, Would like to book some CX flights and get the QFF points and Status Credits, but am a little confused. I understand I can only get QFF points and credits booked on Y (economy) or BHKLMV (discount economy) as I aint that rich to fly in Business (if only :rolleyes:). If I was to book...
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    Anyway to book multi-class international flights?

    Hi All, I was looking at flights for next year ADL-SIN-HKG-ADL with QF, and with their premium economy sale at $1400 return to HKG you can't go wrong! What I was thinking was to do the ADL-SIN and HKG-ADL flights in Premium economy and the SIN-HKG via CX economy, but having had a look the QF...
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    Retrospective Points Allocation?

    Hi All, Ok, here's my scenario. I've booked a JASA ADL-PER-KGI return in June with the outbound on a Thursday and return the following Monday with eligability for DSC. The first sector would be enough to get me to Gold for the first time assuming the DSC's were to post the same day (which I...