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Search results

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    E-rewards, offered a four hour long survey.

    I have had a survey offer from e-rewards. They say that the survey will take four hours to complete and you will receive $30 worth of points. Does anybody know how many points this gets you. Deciding if it is worth doing the survey.
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    Problems swiping Velocity card at BP, it does an unwanted Visa transaction.

    I have had it happen twice now. I go to swipe my Velocity at BP and when I swipe it the Pay Pass sensor picks up the Visa chip in my Global Wallet and it ended up taking the money to pay out of my Global Wallet Visa account and not giving me any Velocity points. The first time it happened it...
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    Getting a petrol offer = prices going to skyrocket

    Have you noticed that when you get a targeted petrol offer from Velocity/BP or FlyBuys/Shell, first thing that happens is the petrol prices skyrocket ( from $1.15 to $1.55 per litre ). If I desperately need to buy petrol during a high price period I obviously only put a small amount in. At the...
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    Visa gift cards, is there anyway of turning them into cash ?

    Anyone know any loopholes where you can convert money in a Visa Gift Card into cash or money into a bank account. Could I be able to pay for something with the card and then ask for a refund in cash or bank deposit. Book something using a flexi rate/fare and then cancelling. Could I put money...
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    Do you earn point when purchasing a Mastercard gift card.

    When you purchase a Mastercard gift card (with extra $5 fee) can that earn FB points (and SC if you buy over $100) or would they be classified as a normal gift cards and not earn points ?
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    Anyone trying to score big (Bet Easy) points in state election

    It's a trick I've heard but not tried. Bet huge amounts on blue ribbons election seats. They only pay out $1.01 per dollar bet but it's not for the money, it's for the points. I've noticed that Bet Easy are no longer taking bets for blue ribbon seats. The shortest odds you will get will be a...
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    Question Have Westpac sucked everyone into christmas shopping ?

    Interesting coincidences here. - Westpac lower there point reduction rate commencing Nov 9, unless you use auto-redemption. - Everyone nervously waits for the next round of bonus points which should be due around this time. - Bonus points time comes around but Westpac conveniently don't take...
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    Private car park 'fines', could ignoring them eventually affect your credit rating

    Those tickets under the wiper that private car park operators issue for overstaying or not buying a ticket As most people would know, whilst they look like parking fines, when you read them carefully they are actually not, they will say something along the lines of "invoice for liquidated...
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    Having a Coles Master Card, does it affect targeted offers.

    If you sign up and use a Coles Master Card for your shopping, does it affect your FB targeted offers. Do they become better or worse. If you start using the card at Woolworths do you start getting targeted offers to get you back.
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    Best card for travel insurance, Amex vs ANZ

    I am about to go for a holiday in Bali. What would be the best card to book the ticket on. Amex Platinum Edge or ANZ black ?
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    BP to buy Caltex petrol stations.

    It has been reported that BP have bought Caltex but have stated that the discount fuel offer will remain. This will leave an interesting situation. Woolworths will have a connection with BP who has a connection with Velocity that now has a connection with Fly Buys which has a Coles. I wonder if...
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    Shell / Fly Buy bonus offer.

    Just got a fuel offer from Fly Buys for multiple fuel purchases at Shell 1st purchase = Triple FB points, 2nd purchase = 5 x FB points, progresses up in odd number increments until you get to 7th purchase = 15 x FB points and then 8th visit - 1250 bonus FB points. Minimum purchase 30 lts. Offer...