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Search results

  1. O

    Bali Transit

    Hi all; Just wondering. I managed to get a cheap JQ Mel-Dps on 4/3, and I'm wanting to transit across to KLM Dps-Sin. Do I require a transit visa (I.e. Go out and check in again), or can I use the transit lounge? (Layover will be roughly 8 hours, carry on only.)
  2. O

    How much have you flown in 2013?

    I've lost count personally, but I do know it's somewhere in the region of upper fifty segments, with at least half buried away in row 14 on a 738, and 90% of that in -Y. This year included three new carriers for me however (9W, 3K & ZL), and three new types of aircraft.
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    Recipe to Riches

    I'm sure if someone really wanted to rack up the points, and was up for a trip to Bowral..
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    Best options for a one world multi city trip to Eu?

    Yes, that is correct, MH, CX and AY (Finnair) will give you full SC, but be careful of the class it's booked in, discount economy especially.
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    Bouquets for the FAs

    Big thumbs up to Vicki on QF639 tonight. Certainly seems to enjoy her job, and created a very bubbly and warm atmosphere in the Y cabin.
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    Online Checkin - Strange Behaviour

    I too am having strange behaviour from OLCI, with it not allowing me to do it, despite being on a Mel-Syd-Ool/Bne-Mel status run. It just keeps showing "Booking" as the next flight segment. Is this normal, or does that imply I should seek assistance?
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    Qantas Cricket Safety video

    QF861 had it this morning in full, including a new warning about DVT.
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Re: Need 4 DJ sectors and 130 SCs by Sept 1 One I would consider is MEL-CBR-OOL, which has the oddity that it's usually cheaper to buy the Flexi than the Saver. Sadly it only averages out at $5 per SC. (Long time reader but first time poster)