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Search results

  1. V

    Lionair 610 crash

    Interesting change of tune in the comments here. It's good to see the report acknowledge there is shared blame here. Boeing obviously goes without saying, but the pilots, lion air and the parts supplier are all contributors to this. Many many people took a number 2 on the bed here. Lion air...
  2. V

    Pay day?

    Shhhh don't tell them!! ;)
  3. V

    Thomas Cook Collapses

    Bugger! my mate called today and one of our flights on a weekend away soon is with TC. I thought we had avoided it! Annoyingly alternative flights don't line up for this trip and scheduling, and we've already paid for hotels and flight in the other direction. Even with insurance (I'm one of...
  4. V

    Ongoing issues (Optus)

    I used to be on optus before moving overseas and would often have issued with their DNS. Sounds a lot like this. Try changing to the google DNS server ( and
  5. V

    Thomas Cook Collapses

    Unfortunately trading while insolvent is nowhere near as black and white as it seems at face value. A simplified version of events is TC needed £900m of credit and they had arranged that. However the supposed late addition to this negotiation was that TC needed to arrange a £200m working...
  6. V

    Thomas Cook Collapses

    I am currently living in the UK and ex AU travel industry. The flagship travel insurance sold to customers in Oz does not cover insolvency in the retail policy but it does in the business policy (and staff discount policy which used the Business policy wording). Over here in the UK it is often...
  7. V

    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    Anyone know what's going on exLAX at the moment?
  8. V

    European airline status matches with VA Gold

    Hey brains trust! I have been looking for and reading a bunch of info around status matches and they seem to be hard for VA Gold members. I have just moved to Europe where VA means bugger all. Has anyone had any success getting status matches over this corner of the world?
  9. V

    Deals from ozfflyer

    Actually the relationship is more complicated than that. The simple answer is no. They require partner airlines to turn up with certain deals, they manufacture combined products and all sorts of things behind the scenes. I've legitimately seen flights to the US cheaper than the staff discount...
  10. V

    Deals from ozfflyer

    There will be big pushes in the flight centre expos I expect. They are going to come with some ripper deals.
  11. V

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    I am reading bits around the internet including this thread and two things stand out, wondering what the pilots around here think.... First, a few articles suggest the natural reaction is to thumb the trim and pull back on the stick in this situation, cancelling out MACS. Is that true? Do you...
  12. V

    Devalued transfers Velocity / KrisFlyer from 1.35 to 1.55

    FFS Transferred the exact amount of points I needed to do my plans. Maybe I'll ask sq to comp me the 35% to go back to VFF.
  13. V

    Economy X (complimentary upgrade)

    On the 737 it's free upgrade to economy X once more than 140 pax checked in, of still available for gold. Have used that a few times!!
  14. V

    Are you in the 1%?

    I didn't even get a % rating this year.... What a fall from grace this has been
  15. V

    Devalued transfers Velocity / KrisFlyer from 1.35 to 1.55

    Nah I do SQ J to Europe sorry. But yes clock watching is the key.
  16. V

    Devalued transfers Velocity / KrisFlyer from 1.35 to 1.55

    This is a head scratchier..... I am the guy who books 330 days in advance so J availability isn't an issue, and SQ redemption @1.35 was similar value. In VFF you have access to VS and EY, while SQKF will give you *A and *A-RTW. A bit annoying as my next flight to book comes up in Mid-Jan...
  17. V

    Release timeframe for business reward seats

    This might not be exactly what people are wanting to hear but they release seats about 330 days in advance. +/- a few days but VA ticket on VA metal seems to be more precise. SQ metal may pop up early. If you want a seat on a particular day at the pointy end you need to book 11 months ahead...
  18. V

    New Velocity website error

    Found a booking engine fail. It doesn't recognise singapSinas a departure City. The redesign they did a while ago was never fixed, and now this. Marketing need to be knocked down a few pegs over in Bown Hills.
  19. V

    Double Status Credits Offer (By offer only)

    No, only corporate travel agencies will be able to do this. That is places like FCM, Corporate Traveller, Corporate Travel Management and those kinds of places. If you don't know someone from there, chat to the EA or whoever does exec travel and ask them for the phone number. If you call them...