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Search results

  1. Blackswan

    Macquarie changing earn rate on Platinum Card

    Just got an email from Macquarie advising of points earn change from 15 March 2018. 1 QFF point per dollar up to $1,000 (previously $2,500) per month, then 0.5 QFF points after that. Will now re-evaluate my options. I suspect they're limited anyway.
  2. Blackswan

    Baggage allowance on AB in Y - Velocity Redemption

    Hoping one of the many guru's on here can help. I'm looking at making a Velocity redemption on AB in Y between TXL and CPH (yes - I know, not extracting the most value from points...but anyway...). The ever-so-helpful Velocity call center reps are telling me that they can't tell me luggage...
  3. Blackswan

    LCY Immigration/Transit

    I just booked a QFF redemption on BA in J, TXL-LCY-JFK (with the Shannon stopover on BA1), travelling next month. Has anyone had any experience with transiting at LCY? Do you need to clear UK immigration and go Landside - then reclear security - or can you transit without entering the UK like...
  4. Blackswan

    1000/5000 point referral for new Velocity accounts

    Just received the following email. With family pooling, could double to 2,000 per referral. Refer your loved ones and earn up to 10,000 bonus Velocity Points Velocity benefits are best shared. To thank you for your loyalty you now have the opportunity to share the love, with the...
  5. Blackswan

    EY reward problems?

    I'm currently trying to book a multi-city J reward on EY (PER-AUH-JFK//BRU-AUH-PER). I have double checked availability (married segments) using the Etihad website. There's seats available in the "Guest" category for the flights I want, but the Velocity telephone agents tell me that they can't...
  6. Blackswan

    250,000 Velocity points for new NAB home loan customers

    Saw this on OzBargin this morning. Not on the NAB website yet, but will seriously consider transferring my loan from Commbank to NAB, if theres no difference to the comparison rate. Velocity points are being offered in large sums at the moment!
  7. Blackswan

    Points and SC for flights not flown

    I was under the impression that points and SC are given only for segments actually flown? Recently I failed to show for two segments (being the entire booking), but the points and SC still posted. I'm certainly not complaining, given it was a .br booking. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Blackswan

    International Red e-deal (N/O/Q) Upgrade Promotion

    Also seems to apply to International. Just got this email; Hello Blackswan Normally, not all fare types allow you to register for an upgrade using your Qantas Frequent Flyer points, however for a limited time we've waived this restriction. This means that for your upcoming...
  9. Blackswan

    QF 747's inside cover (The West Australian)

    I was reading The West Australian at work this morning (and don’t have a copy on me) - so what I’m about to quote is not verbatim. The West has an ‘inside cover’ – a satirical approach to W.A news and gossip. The article basically quoted a Perth QF representative named “Ms Q” – who was informed...
  10. Blackswan

    Bad smell cancels Sydney flight

    From online today @ Page Moved; Bad smell cancels Sydney flight : Bad smell cancels Sydney flight 19th February 2008, 16:24 WST A bad smell caused a Sydney-bound Qantas flight to be cancelled, leaving stranded passengers to spend the night in Perth's domestic airport. A...