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Search results

  1. craven morehead

    The Botanist !!

    One for @juddles & @JohnM 🏆 Had a little chuckle to myself when I saw this just now at MKY AP 😂
  2. craven morehead

    Question vis a vis DSC's and a cancelled leg of a 4 flight booking

    Just landed in BNE and was advised my next flight to NTL had been cancelled. Qantas has rebooked me on VA After fetching suitcase form Baggage services I headed over and booked in with VA and was offered upgrade to J for $200 so I took it ;) 🍺 couldn't be bothered walking from QP down to gate 41...
  3. craven morehead

    Craven : South Africa 2019 TR #4

    Well it's time to venture out again from the thriving metropolis of Emerald Central Queensland. This trip came about because I hadn't had a chance to buy my wife a Xmas present. Being 100kms out of town and often on the road for work and possibly a bit slack I was empty handed come Xmas morning...
  4. craven morehead

    Star Craven TR #3 EMD-BNE-HKG-DAD + Golf

    Well it's time to have another crack at a TR :D I thoroughly enjoy reading and learning from everyone else's trip reports. I'll hopefully add something of interest for others. Starting at the usual departure point of EMD in Sunny & dry CQ. The QF regional lounge is steadily getting worse now the...
  5. craven morehead

    Answered JNB - DUR is this possible as a classic award?

    On Christmas Day I managed to snare 2 x elusive J Rewards SYD - JNB :D so I then tried to book JNB - DUR and get halfway through process and then it just goes nowhere! Does BA's (Comair) count as OW? After this screen it lets me type in JNB - DUR and then nothing :confused:
  6. craven morehead

    HKG-DAD Award booking is it possible ?

    I have an upcoming trip BNE-HKG-DAD-HKG-BNE next March in J and have secured the BNE-HKG-BNE legs. Can I book HKG-DAD-HKG legs via QFF awards preferably in J flying KA ? Ex-HKG 03/03/19 return 09/03/19. Regards CM
  7. craven morehead

    Must do restaurants or bars in HKG ?

    Recommendations please AFFers. My boss is very well travelled but has never been to HKG and is looking for your top picks. He will only be there for 4 days so wanting to make the most of it. Budget is not an issue. Cheers CM :)
  8. craven morehead

    Best way to get to DAD using OW awards ex BNE

    Looking for some advice on best way to get to DAD next March (first week) ex-BNE. Wanting to use OneWorld award all of the way if possible in J as carting golf clubs. Can go via any Asian hubs if necessary and can pay for intra-Asian ticket if required. Cheers CM :D
  9. craven morehead

    Star Craven TR #2 Corporate networking aka Golf in the USA

    Righto folks I'll have a crack at a second TR : EMD-BNE-MEL-LAX-PHX drive to LAS drive to LAX-BNE-EMD So the start of a 2 week trip begins in the tropical paradise ;)of EMD (Central Qld) on my least favourite plane the dirty old Dash 8 - 400 on QF2405. Having been too busy with work to put a...
  10. craven morehead

    ibis / Pullman BNE Airport

    Stayed at ibis BNE Airport last week on the way down to NTL it was Thursday and room was $150. The place was chockers! Had a nice pork belly noodles and a few glasses of red while watching Brisbane Broncos get destroyed by St.George :( Room was fairly typical ibis with a slightly more Novotel...
  11. craven morehead

    The Australian airport owned by CHINA

    Has anyone seen or heard about this previously ? China now owns Australian airport after paying $1 for 100-year lease Merredin airport in Western Australia is effectively under the control of a Chinese government enterprise, prompting outrage in aviation circles, as safety concerns shut down...
  12. craven morehead

    RJ in J : SYD – AMM –CAI –SYD

    I am asking for some friends who have been offered these flights. Can anyone give advice or pass comment on their experience with RJ ?
  13. craven morehead

    A trip of firsts : EMD-BNE-SIN-HEL-TXL return

    I'll be knocking over a few firsts on this trip so I thought I might share my experience with my fellow AFFer's. I flew down from EMD last night and booked in to the ibis budget Brisbane airport as my usual haunt the Novotel Airport was fully booked!. So this morning a quick shuttle trip and a...
  14. craven morehead

    First time in Qantas MEL FLounge

    Hi all I don't have a huge amount of experience with F lounges but does anyone think that MEL is better the SYD FLounge? My humble opinion is SYD is far better. Must say I have been a little disappointed. Anyway of to board shortly. Regards CM :D
  15. craven morehead

    Rat with a sweet tooth !! Mumbai Airport Eatery Not sure if any AFFers have been here and confirm this is indeed an eatery in Mumbai AP
  16. craven morehead


    I have some friends accompanying us on this trip in April. Question is they land in MEL @16.20 and EK flight to SIN departs @ 18.00 is this possible or far too skinny? Allowing for the fact bags should be checked through.I have never departed AUS from MEL before and am not sure about the...
  17. craven morehead

    Airport WiFi app : WiFox

    Thought this may be of interest to some. Found this article in International Living magazine.
  18. craven morehead

    Has anyone had old QF bookings re-appear in MMB ??

    Logged on this morning to QFF and noticed a 10/06/16 booking make a comeback in MMB. How does this happen ? :shock:
  19. craven morehead

    EK433 BNE-SIN 2.30am departure this Month

    Would any one know if the counter for this flight would open any more then 3 hours prior to departure. I will be flying in from regional Qld and I am trying to work out what time to fly down and what I can actually do to fill in time prior to check-in. Thanks in advance CM
  20. craven morehead

    BNE-SIN EK J or F question on seats

    Could somebody please advise whether EK 777-300 have lie flat beds in J? I have a 2.30am departure ex BNE so will be looking to get some sleep if possible. F seats available and only an extra 30k points so happy to go F :p but also mindful of not wasting points for the sake of it. Cheers CM