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Search results

  1. sudoer

    Earn 10 SC per 2000 WWR converted to QFF (up to 50 SC) promo

    A very interesting development which I hope continues post Covid-19. Now let's hope WWR launch some Spend $x0 gets 2k/4k/6k type promos!
  2. sudoer

    Multi-leg QFF Points & SC Calculator

    Many of you would be aware that the QFF points and status credit calculator was overhauled in late January with a slew of 'enhancements' in true Qantas style. Most notably, the new calculator is slower and less intuitive than the one it replaced, and no longer offers calculation of multi-city...
  3. sudoer

    QFi to Japan post 747 retirement

    I recently booked a J award on QF26 in Jan 2021, and was interested to find this route is still scheduled for operation by a 744 into Feb next year. So much for AJ's plan to retire all 747s by year end, but it does raise questions for how QF might service Tokyo and greater Japan once the 744 is...
  4. sudoer

    'Enhanced' QF status credit calculator

    SC calculator has been revamped/merged with classic award/upgrade calculators: Qantas Points Calculators | Frequent Flyer Personally I dislike it - you can no longer string multiple legs together and see a total SC count. The one positive change is the "what you need to know" section which has...
  5. sudoer

    Intentionally triggering a targeted 50% bonus SC promo

    As many of you know Qantas appears to be moving towards targeted SC promotions. These promotions are sent via email and appear to be triggered by searching for certain routes on the QF website when logged in with your QFF account. The subject line of the promo email will be "Fly to <city you...
  6. sudoer

    Dreamliner upgauge for QF141/144 (SYD-AKL) 4Dec19 - 28Mar20

    Not sure if this has been covered in another thread but I thought it worth sharing... While looking at SYD-AKL flights in December I noticed QF141/144 has been upgauged to the 787-9 starting 4 December through late March (when it apparently drops back to a 737-800.) I was able to find...
  7. sudoer

    New QFF lounge eligibility page - changes to elites guesting pax on other OW flights?

    Qantas have updated their lounge info pages and moved eligibility info to a single page for ALL lounges. Two things to note: - They have doubled down on QFF elites flying QF metal not being allowed to guest pax on different oneworld flights (which should be permitted as per oneworld rules -...
  8. sudoer

    Free Qantas lounge pass for 18-35yo travellers in QF Y (Book by 31/8/19, travel by 29/2/20) Interesting promo which could be useful to some here. As an <35yo WP I didn't get the...
  9. sudoer

    (Possibly targeted) Qantas International DSC May 2019 promo [Book by 22/5/19, travel by 9/5/20]

    Just received this - doesn't appear to be targeted. Have others also received?
  10. sudoer

    Wilson Parking not crediting VFF points since 25 Oct

    Hi folks I'm a regular user of Wilson Parking, who have a 5 points per dollar deal with Velocity. When checking my Velocity account today, I noticed I haven't received any points from Wilson since 25 Oct, despite having over 20 Book A Bay invoices in November, all of which show Velocity as...
  11. sudoer

    Top x% in your state

    I recently received my Flybuys statement for the latest quarter and noticed ~31.8k points (from just ~$1600 spend) landed me in the top 2% of NSW. So I'm curious! Have you made it to the top 1% in your state, and how many points did it take to get there?
  12. sudoer

    New QF/CX codeshare agreement

    Cathay Pacific and Qantas codeshare to bring Australia and Asia closer Interesting news, particularly the India codeshares - I'd definitely prefer CX metal with a stop in HKG over 9W metal with a stop in SIN. Good news for those in PER and CNS also. Bookings available for sale from October 22...
  13. sudoer

    3 months Gold for 10k flybuys w/ 80SC to extend (targeted offer)

    I do very little VA flying, currently sitting on 64SC at an NB. Received this gem in my spam folder this arvo.. Terms & conditions: Anyone else get this? I've had a few bad experiences with QF domestic lately so was thinking to give VA a try. Gaining a full year extension after 80SC has...
  14. sudoer

    Was the Distance between BKK & KUL being Deliberately misstated by QFF? [Now Fixed by QFF]

    MH at it again with ex-BKK deals, book by month end for travel anytime in the next year (small surcharge for mid-late Dec) Slightly more expensive than usual but there is an upside: no minimum stay requirement. BKK-HKG is obviously the stand out with A330 with lie flat possible on all legs...
  15. sudoer

    GoCatch / QFF partnership ended 10 June 2018

    As per the thread title, taxi rides booked through the GoCatch app no longer earn QFF points. I hadn't seen any comms about this from QFF or GoCatch so thought it worth creating a thread for. Links here: Qantas Frequent Flyer | Terms & Conditions Earn Qantas Points with GoCatch | Qantas Points...
  16. sudoer

    SYD-CGO (Zhengzhou) Air China Y+/Y mixed $764

    Shameless repost from FT. Appears to book into PE on the SYD-PEK legs and Y on the PEK-CGO legs. Important parts of fare rules below: Results from https://www.ExpertFlyer.comFare Routing Search...
  17. sudoer

    Best carrier for a QF WP flying to London in Y

    Hi all, I'm looking for some assistance choosing an airline for a trip to London mid next year in Y. My travel dates haven't gone on sale yet, so price doesn't factor into the equation for now. Instead, I'm looking for recommendations on hard product (especially leg room), lounges, and...
  18. sudoer

    SGD$20 voucher when transiting SIN on JQ (Dep by 31/3/19)

    Jetstar Transit Rewards @ Changi | Jetstar Looks like the best redemption choice is one hour lounge usage at Plaza Premium Lounge. No mention of showers, perhaps they've been deliberately omitted? Notable T&C: Receive a Changi Recommends Voucher worth S$20 when you transit through...
  19. sudoer

    Please help me interpret these QF fare change rules

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me interpret these fare rules I've sourced from ExpertFlyer, but first some context: I want to book a return CMB-SYD fare, outbound Jan 2019 and inbound Nov 2019. This falls within the 12 month maximum stay rule, but of course I can't yet book the return...
  20. sudoer

    Name corrections/changes currently not allowed after ticket issue

    Just a heads up - a supervisor at MH call centre has just advised they are currently unable to process any name corrections whatsoever after a ticket has been issued. This apparently is due to the Amadeus changeover, and while he said he could make no guarantees, he expects the limitation to be...