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Search results

  1. Vim Fuego

    2019 F1 Thread

    I was at the race, we try every year to see a different part of the track so this year because of late decision to go we were in the Stamford grandstand, my 13 year old told me its turn seven? Probably the best spot so far, plenty of overtaking and action including Danny Ric overtaking a couple...
  2. Vim Fuego

    QC Members to be redirected at SIN

    As a QC they've changed the lounge details on my booking (Sin - Perth) to the SAT lounge on the 18th September, no official notice received.
  3. Vim Fuego

    Anyone having problems with the NEW seat selection?

    This is the message I'm getting for Singapore flights they changed two weeks ago. They must have a Commodore 64 processing the payment as the initial payment was completed about three months ago A payment is in progress Payment for a Seat Selection request has been submitted, but cannot be...
  4. Vim Fuego

    QF network changes [744 PER/SYD & 330 PER/SIN]

    Going to Singapore in September for the GP, got the notification yesterday afternoon that the Perth to Singapore flight had changed from 4.20pm to 11am and no longer on the 737, very happy with that news.
  5. Vim Fuego

    Don't Fly [Jetstar]

    Flown JQ Perth to Singapore on many occasions. It's cheap, nearly always on time and for five hours bearable. Only once have they let me down and that was a flight home where possible fog in Perth was the "reason"for the delay, no interest in helping and ended up getting a room at the Crowne...
  6. Vim Fuego

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    Just stayed one night at the IC Dallas. Probably the most underwhelming IC I've stayed at, no recognition of being an ambassador at check in, forget to record late check out request, no water or any other recognition of status in the room and rooms are very tired. Upgraded to a club room without...
  7. Vim Fuego

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    IC Melbourne Ambassador (Platinum) 2 nights Booked: Standard room using points Received:Executive room 2 nights Booked: King Club using ambassador certificate Received: King Iconic Suite Best stay I've had IC Melbourne, staff were super friendly and the upgrade from King Club to the Iconic...
  8. Vim Fuego

    Qantas: non-stop Australia (Perth)-Europe (London) Boeing 787 flights set to soar

    Re: Qantas: non-stop Australia (Perth) -Europe (London) Boeing 787 flights set to soa Perth has the highest number of British born residents in Australia, that must have had some impact on the decision? "Around one in every eight residents of Perth was born in the UK (12% or 184,000 people)...
  9. Vim Fuego

    Favorite paint jobs on aircraft types

    Version 1 Version 2
  10. Vim Fuego

    Iron Maiden 747

    Ed Force One is back in action ED FORCE ONE - ONWARDS AND UPWARDS AGAIN
  11. Vim Fuego

    Iron Maiden 747

    Sharon Osborne was seen driving the tug :)
  12. Vim Fuego

    Iron Maiden 747

    That won't happen, the 747 moves the entire show around, the tour schedule is dependent on this being achievable.
  13. Vim Fuego

    Possible to see available QFF award seats on Cathay Pacific site?

    I'm looking at return award flight to the UK in November and can see available Cathay, Emirates and Qatar flights on QF site
  14. Vim Fuego

    Iron Maiden 747

  15. Vim Fuego

    Best seats economy A380?

    I'm currently in 80k for Mel - LAX on Friday but 33 A/B and J/K now available. Is the leg room of 80K better than the small upstairs cabin with less leg room but full recline of row 33?
  16. Vim Fuego

    Qantas Call Centre

    Read the visitor posts on their face book page, wait times for the call centre has been a constant complaint for over a month now.
  17. Vim Fuego

    Anyone lost their 747? Maybe you left it parked in KUL.....

    You can't leave a bag unattended in the terminal but its okay to leave a 747 unattended on the apron :)
  18. Vim Fuego

    PER-SIN to return from June.

    Fred What about 3k136 Per-Sin at 7.35am? I've been on that twice in the last 6 weeks and almost full on both occassions
  19. Vim Fuego

    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Re: Couple of AAdvantage questions from a newbie to it ok, thanks for assistance.
  20. Vim Fuego

    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Re: Couple of AAdvantage questions from a newbie to it I thought that if I had AA coded flights I would get access to AA lounges in the US with QC, but couldn't get access to Australian lounges with Cc as that need a QF or JQ flight?