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Search results

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    Aeroplane playing cards

    I have a set from JAL somewhere. They came in handy over the years as a kid when camping, smaller cards for small hands.
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    Upgrading flights on Qantas site fails - "PNR was not found in the URL"

    I have been experiencing this issue too across multiple devices and days, glad to hear I’m not the only one with this glitch. Thought it was due to booking through a travel agent instead of direct which is my usual method. Hopefully Iget an opportunity to make a call to lodge an upgrade request...
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    Answered Accommodation in Germany & Amsterdam advice

    For Amsterdam look into QO Amsterdam which is just outside the city and rooms are available under $200. It's on a metro line so easy to get into town. Another place I recommend is The Concert Hotel in the Museum district. Simple rooms but great location and the airport bus stop is just out the...
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    AY (Finnair) BKK-AMS Business 51565 THB (~2150 AUD) return

    Thanks for sharing, managed to book this myself a flight.
  5. C

    US and Canada in winter - Ice Pilots NWT Yellowknife geek

    Thanks for the great TR. I always enjoy the read. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Japan - hotels ?

    Look into Park Hotel Tokyo. I stayed there recently and was happy with it. Some rooms have a view of Tokyo Tower which if you can get I would recommend. It is above Shiodome station and Shimbashi station is a 5 min walk away.
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    Suggestions for Japan Travel mid March to early April 2017

    You could look at going to Nikko or Kanazawa if you have not been to those places before. Or for a bit of nature Takachiho Gorge and Miyazaki on Kyushu. Although you may need to check if March/April is a good time to go to get the most out if it. For some fun in Tokyo check this out [MariCAR]...
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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Cool Cat Phil These are beautiful photos.
  9. C

    Funds Security

    I just returned from USA and this was my primary card. Had no problems using it at ATM's and as a credit card in restaurants/shops etc. The only place that I could not use the card was when purchasing concert tickets and the reason for this was they required the card to have a person's name on it.
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    What routes should QF fly?

    Yes please!
  11. C

    Double Status Credits 2011

    Re: Double SC Promo Same here. I'm going to try and make the most of the offer as my travel has decresed significantly with a recent job role change.
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    Is anyone sick of flying? I am...

    This is the same predicament that I will be facing in Janurary too.
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    QF SG Benefits on AA

    Thanks for your help Serfty
  14. C

    QF SG Benefits on AA

    Thanks for this useful information. Good to build up some knowledge in prep for my first USA trip at the end of the year. No doubt the priority security lane will come in very handy as will the luggage allowance. Hello shopping! Can non status pax travelling on the same booking use the priority...
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    is the upgrade from premium economy to business class from LA to Sydney worth it ?

    Re: is the upgrade from premium economy to business class from LA to Sydney worth it Take the upgrade
  16. C

    Virgin Blue help Thorpe out of retirement, send Borghetti to Dr Freud...

    Just heard this on the radio, hilarious. He won't be allowed to forget that for a long time.
  17. C

    QF to launch SYD DFW from 16 May and axe SFO

    What's the SC's for this route? It doesn't appear to be loaded into Qantas website at the moment.
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    Qantas ff points to europe

    That's fantastic well done! Thanks for sharing your findings and to others for their experiences, you have given me great ideas on how to burn my points when the time comes.
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    Outstanding and cheap limo service in SYD

    Can anyone recommend a car service from Brisbane airport traveling to the sunshine coast region?