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Search results

  1. bpeteb

    Apparently QF28 on its way back from Santiago is the last ever QF 747 flight

    Just read on Sam Chui that Qantas has announced the retirement of the last five 747s. QF28 of on its way from Santiago and that is it. With the landing does that mean QF has lost the ability to fly to either South America or South Africa? I thought I’d read on here that civil aviation won’t...
  2. bpeteb

    New Years in Vanwatoo

    Ever since we visited Vanuatu for a day nearly seven years ago, bigAl has been wanting to return. We both had to take leave between Christmas and New Year so decided it was time to go back. We'd seen a LE deal for Hidden Cove Retreat | Experience Vanuatu's most romantic retreat (on Espirito...
  3. bpeteb

    Answered Blocking posts by specific members

    Question for the mods. Has it even been considered adding an option to block the posts of specific members from your feed? I really enjoy being part of this community but there’s an increasing number of posts that I’m finding offensive. The privilege of some people is astounding. I see a name...
  4. bpeteb

    Woolworths now caught out underpaying their staff

    After the fairly vociferous attacks on Mr Perry and the underpayment of staff at Rockpool restaurants, I'm expecting the same attacks to now target the CEO of Woolies after today's revelation that they have underpaid staff $300m (!!!)? Surely the CEO knew about this? Surely QF should drop its...
  5. bpeteb

    LATAM - early breast cancer detection campaign

    I saw this during the week and it's still making me smile. How cool that an airline is running with this. An email from LATAM overnight reminded me. Love the nose of the plane :) Pink Month: LATAM’s actions to prevent breast cancer
  6. bpeteb

    Kakadu-du-du, no pineapples, plenty of trees. A long weekend in the NT

    Continuing with my (my Kiwi partner has been to everywhere before) discovery of Oz, we're just back from a long weekend at Kakadu. Not even close to enough time, but just like with last year's flying tasting-plate-sized ;) visit to Adelaide and surrounds, I now want to go back for the full...
  7. bpeteb

    Intrepid Southern Africa overland safari - tips

    My partner likes to plan (worry/obsess), and thinks of some pretty obscure things. Today it's should we 1. leave our sleeping bags in SA when we come home because they might have grass/plant seeds on or in them and 2. should we try to get our gear washed before we come home for the same reason...
  8. bpeteb

    Question Do points only upgrades not exist?

    Gosh, first DJ Pacific short haul and already on my second question. Have what seems to be enough points to upgrade in one direction from Brisbane to Vanuatu (just over 10k). A QF flyer so these will sit here forever and thought I'd use them. I think it was a Freedom fare over (HZFDAR) and...
  9. bpeteb

    Ticket issued with first name duplicated

    So I made a booking on the weekend for our first Virgin flight in many years and for some reason my first name has duplicated on the booking/e-ticket. I didn't notice it until today when I went to add my partner's velocity number to the booking. Flight is to Vanuatu. Just called and told it will...
  10. bpeteb

    Planes trains and automobiles - USA summer, are we mad?

    I just checked our email and we booked these flights last August. DSC offer was on so needed to find points flights to SFO for my partner before booking paid J for me. Two weeks after we booked sale to USA - $2k cheaper. This status chasing thing is expensive! Since then we’ve booked just about...
  11. bpeteb

    Drinks with the Brigadier at Palm Cove

    I'm doing a whole lot of Oz catch up. My partner has seen way more of Oz than I have and he's a Kiwi! Saying that, I've seen more of the north island of NZ (or the pig island as he so fondly calls it) so we're kinda even. Late last year it was Adelaide. Feb is it was Uluru and Kata Tjuta...
  12. bpeteb

    Answered Queen Victoria

    Thinking of booking the two day QV sailing from Melbourne to Sydney next year. Always wanted to sail Cunard and thought a short voyage such as this might be a good taster. Will possibly splurge on Princess Grill. Will even go the whole hog and hire tuxes (I suppose we have no choice!). Is Grill...
  13. bpeteb

    A Night at Field of Light plus some walking and a helicopter - Uluru, finally

    I've finally been to Uluru. It's taken a while, but over a long weekend we had dinner looking down over Field of Light, walked through Kata Tjuta, watched the sun set and rise over Uluru, flew above it in a helicopter and segwayed around it. Worth every very expensive dollar!
  14. bpeteb

    QF A380 in BNE this morning

    Pulling back this morning at 0600 on JQ667 bound for Uluru from BNE and there's a QF A380 arriving at the gate usually occupied by EK's A380. I've never seen one in Brizvegas before.
  15. bpeteb

    China. More importantly first visit to the First Lounge

    Here I sit up against the windows of the QF First Lounge. First timer. I could sit here all day but we have to go to Beijing. Spa treatments tick. Working our way through the champagne list tick. Eggs bene tick. Two weeks in China starting in Beijing and then via planes, trains and automobiles...
  16. bpeteb

    Booking AA flight with QF flight number

    As per the QF website there's apparently 130 domestic AA flights that can be booked with a QF flight number. We've searched for possibly way too long trying to find out how to do this. Is this actually true? Is there anywhere that we can see what routes the 130 flights cover. Or is this just a...
  17. bpeteb

    Upper deck on Queen of the Skies - a little excited

    With the booking of our flights to SFO on Saturday came auto-allocation of seats on the upper deck of the 744. My inner plane geek (ok, it's plainly visible) was so excited when I went into manage my booking and 12A and 12K were allocated. Mine was revenue fare booked online and partner's reward...
  18. bpeteb

    Multi-city booking fail

    Trying to make use of the DSC offer and as I've mentioned having trouble getting J flights to, well, anywhere close to Athens. Ideally it would be via LHR or JFK to maximise offer. I can go via Dallas but earliest date in July is too late (10th). By some miracle I've got as far as San Francisco...
  19. bpeteb

    Sumo, Sake and Sapporo Beer

    We've now been back for a couple of weeks since a way too short two weeks in Japan. I've been tossing up whether to copy my posts from TravelArk here and add a couple of photos or just provide the link to the blog. In summary - this was our first 'paid' J holiday. We've been enjoying the...
  20. bpeteb

    Nose wheel failure just prior to take-off

    Not taking much notice on QF609 last Monday as we were about to take off. I'm not sure if we'd just pulled on to runway or were still on a taxiway but wherever we were, we turned, straightened, then did a very weird 'swerve'. We seemed to slowly straighten up and I thought that was odd, I...