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  1. bcworld

    Qantas customer care as a no status / Bronze FF

    I could rant about this all day but to (hopefully!) avoid a TL>DR scenario...the background is 2 bronze FF pax booked on a J award SFO-MEL. That flight (29/9) was initially delayed by 15 hours (from 10pm to 1pm next day). No accommodation offered and told to make own arrangements and submit a...
  2. bcworld

    AMEX Complimentary Flight Booking

    Allegedly since April 10th this can be booked online at Has anyone else tried this? I have tried 3 browsers and after logging in I always end up in the mobile view of the VA booking engine. After selecting flights and entering passenger details it tells me this...
  3. bcworld

    DIBP Strikes 22-31 March (including 24 hour stoppage Mar 24)

    Hi All, DIBP staff will likely be striking in airports throughout this week...culminating in a 24 hour stoppage on Thursday just as the Easter holiday exodus is getting under way. (Apologies if there's another thread about this...I had a hunt around but didn't see anything). Travellers -...
  4. bcworld

    MH Pulling out of BNE?

    Saw a thread elsewhere speculating that MH will cease BNE operation in early August. MH booking engine seems to confirm this:
  5. bcworld

    New 100% share promo with a twist...well two actually! Until June 30...100% share promo, but: The cost of sharing has gone up 50% (!) to $0.015 The 100% bonus is split 50/50 between the sharer and the recipient Don't like it...
  6. bcworld

    New 100% buy promo May 3 - 25 2014

    PREVIEW: US Airways Buy Dividend Miles 100% Bonus May 3-25, 2014 | LoyaltyLobby
  7. bcworld

    New offer - up to 75% buy / gift

    Just got an email. To April 30. No share - not interested!
  8. bcworld

    The Holy Grail - 100% Share Promo Coming???

    US Airways 100% Share Miles Promotion Returning? - One Mile at a Time
  9. bcworld

    CX Award: QF and BA show availability AA says no

    Looking at a CX J award departing within the next 2 weeks. Availability popped up today on CX, QF and BA for the flight. Have called AA several times but they don't see it. JL online also don't see the seats. Discounting CX as they might offer different availability to Asia miles members, does...
  10. bcworld

    AKL check in for NZ operated VA Marketed Flight

    Hi All, For the scenario in the thread title what are the check-in arranagements? My OH (VA Silver) is worried about a flight they'll be cutting it very fine to make tomorrow AKL-MEL - it's an NZ operated VA marketed flight. (Last one of the day at 7:20pm) Do they head for NZ or VA check in...
  11. bcworld

    100% Share Promo back on Monday 2nd December?

    Not sure where this info comes from but good news if true...this being one of the cheapest ways to get miles: (Note: there is currently an error in the says Nov 2 instead of Dec 2) US Airways 100% Bonus when Sharing Miles is Coming Back! - Deals We Like
  12. bcworld

    Booking / Paying for AAdvantage Awards

    Hi All, Apologies as I'm sure this is probably covered elsewhere but my searching / browsing is struggling to yield anything specific. I am trying to make an award reservation (on QF) using AAdvantage miles. However I cannot get past the payment stage and each time get a message telling me to...
  13. bcworld

    LifeMiles Share Promo 01-15 October

    I guess they were jealous of US getting all the attention!
  14. bcworld

    Complimentary Accommodation Partner Membership - am I doing it wrong?

    Hi VFF, I recently moved up from Gold to Plat. Previously when qualifying Gold I selected comp Gold Hilton HHonors membership. Now I would like to opt in to HHonors Diamond which I think is within the T&Cs (18.8). In the My Benefits section of the Velocity website the option is available to...
  15. bcworld

    US Dividend Miles - Award Booking Questions and General Discussion

    They don't have enough for F but if they really wanted F they'd only have to stump up another $200 or so on the additional 5k miles.
  16. bcworld

    Double Charging Issue since Sabre

    Whilst I haven't seen it mentioned here...since the new website / GDS went live in January, Virgin's social media channels have been inundated with reports of customers being either double charged for bookings or have a lingering pre-authorisation for the whole amount of the booking against...
  17. bcworld

    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    So...who's heard of Avianca Lifemiles!?? New Star member with a very interesting FFP. -one way redemptions (albeit it seems no stopovers) -part cash part miles options (only 40% of base miles needed) -no YQ charged...only REAL taxes -online award booking -AND a history of running 100% bonus...
  18. bcworld

    Can multiple partners be combined on one award ticket?

    I've been investigating options to travel NRT-HKG-MEL on a business and award and am having lots of issues trying to find *A availability. It dawned on my I could try for VS on HKG-SYD...and sure enough that is available. Then I thought about DL on NRT-HKG and sure enough it also seems...
  19. bcworld

    Adding Velocity Number to MH Booking?

    Hi, I made a reservation with MH the other day and I'm fairly certain that at no stage during the booking process was there the ability to add a FFP number other than Enrich. The flights are booked in a class which appears to earn 0.7pts/mile with Velocity and I'd like to send the points that...
  20. bcworld

    Confused about status review / requalification?

    I've done not a lot of travelling in the past year and expect to drop from silver soon. My review date was 30 Nov and a couple of weeks later my 'status review' has gone through. Prior to that I had a paltry 59 status credits my status credit balance is 30 and my account summary...