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Search results

  1. Flying mermaid

    Unexpected Platinum

    Well it probably shouldn’t have been unexpected, but having given up the status game I don’t really keep track of it anymore. Also the general wisdom is Qantas doesn’t give many status credits on partner flights. However it appears our recent trip to JFK with Qatar brought in 640 status...
  2. Flying mermaid

    Qantas to move 717 heavy maintenance to Singapore

    I know Aus is a high cost country, but it seems bizarre it is cost effective to fly the 717s to Singapore and back to get heavy maintenance done! Qantas contractors in Canberra out of work as jobs move to Singapore
  3. Flying mermaid

    Antarctica with Apprehension

    Booked our Antarctica trip about this time last year, in a rush with little planning - very unusual for me. We wanted to have a trip with Ms FM and her husband. I gave her a few choices and for some bizarre reason included Antarctica, and even more bizarrely she chose it. Not that there is...
  4. Flying mermaid

    Price difference between mobile and Normal platforms

    Have been checking prices for a Qatar trip to New York in business. Was getting around $8850 and that seemed quite reasonable, so gave the details to my friendly TA to book. He couldn’t get it as cheap as that and asked me for a screenshot. Had been using my IPad, but decided to go and do it...
  5. Flying mermaid

    Lions, Giraffes and Gorillas Oh My

    I have been holding off on starting this, as I thought it was too soon, but no can't wait any longer. :) :) We are off on the 6th September and given most of this was booked early June 2017, its been a long long wait. Even booking that early, we struggled to get accommodation at the Giraffe...
  6. Flying mermaid

    Flying to South America

    Ok Brains Trust. South America is totally new territory for me. Have booked an Antarctica cruise for 4 of us and it appears to come with a nights accommodation in Santiago. That seems to suggest flying either QF or Lan. It would be in business class. Any ideas as to which is better in J or...
  7. Flying mermaid

    Titular Issues!

    yes that's what I thought - maybe I should call her Ms :)
  8. Flying mermaid

    Arriving in Lax flying to YVR

    I am busy planning Miss FM's honeymoon (not sure why me, but apparently she feels I will do a good job:)). Anyway some months ago I booked J awards for them Mel-lax and now am looking at adding paid segments. So some questions 1. I gather from reading on here that electronic processing...
  9. Flying mermaid

    Browser inserting "tel" and breaking quotes

    i am quoting this post in order to demonstrate the problem I am having. My quotes come out looking wierd. It is almost as though pointers the software is using internally to pick up the quoted text are being displayed. It used to work fine. Anyone else have this problem? Seems to have...
  10. Flying mermaid

    Shopping in Singapore, Leisurely in Langkawi and our first SQ experience

    Off on Monday and an essential part of packing is to start the trip report. After a busy and adventurous year last year (edge of Vic Falls and Balloon rides in Cappadocia) this year has been the boring year of R&R. After time in Port Douglas and Fiji earlier in the year we are carrying on the...
  11. Flying mermaid

    Mini trip to Fiji Flying FJ Y

    This trip happened unexpectedly, because a girl friend of Miss FM wanted to go on a minitrip to Fiji. Miss FM wasn’t keen, because she had been to Fiji before but after months of hassling she gave in. Unfortunately the day after she booked the tickets, the (now Ex) friend decided not to go...
  12. Flying mermaid

    Question on adding sectors

    Sorry if this is a dumb question :(. I have done a bit of a search and can't find anything. I am booking J awards for Miss Fm and her future husband for next July. I have booked two J awards CBR-MEL-Lax and there appeared to be no points difference for the CBR-MEL bit. I am hoping to book the...
  13. Flying mermaid

    using singapore air website

    Being a control freak from way back, I like to use Qantas website and do all my bookings there. Now that I am dipping a toe in the SQ pool, I went off to the singapore air website and started playing with some dates. I was looking at a simple multicity - syd to lax, then lax- sin and sin to...
  14. Flying mermaid

    Breenhold Gardens

    You have no idea! To put it into context Mr FM and I had 10 guests at our wedding, only 5 of whom were invited - the other 5 were his family who invited themselves. Bridezilla has 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen and is busy planning a wedding in the Blue Mountains in gardens which have nothing...
  15. Flying mermaid

    Are other airlines also as bad as Qantas?

    OK need to have a rant :). I tend to buy business class airfares for Miss FM and her partner - she is a bit fragile healthwise and I like to make sure she is comfortable. In January I paid for business class airfares CBR- AKL. She ended up flying 3 of the 4 legs in Economy due to a range of...
  16. Flying mermaid

    Good Grief - fares from the USA!

    So Master FM let me know today that he will be able to come home late November for a week. Immediately hopped onto Qantas to look at fares - cheapest business class is around $18,000! I think he will be flying PE this time! However I booked a fare for him to come home at Christmas last year...
  17. Flying mermaid

    Call of Africa - Cape Town, Babylonstoren and Okavango

    Just got the suitcases out to start packing and of course an essential part of that is to get the trip report started. Just a little mini- trip this time made a bit longer because I am so traumatised by delayed flights and missed connections, that I have added in 4 stays at airport hotels. 7...
  18. Flying mermaid

    Award flight to lax - what happens if it changes to SFO?

    At the moment I am consulting on J awards to Lax for a friend (actually Mr FM's cousin). It is looking like booking on one of the 747 flights out of Sydney or Mel is going to be most likely, given his day and time constraints. We will be booking next week hopefully for July 2016. However...
  19. Flying mermaid

    Is this fair?

    I have been quite miffed just recently at some of my experiences and hard line about not flying QFi anymore. However these flowers arrived today with an apology from Qantas. Now really is this playing fair? What woman can resist flowers and an apology?
  20. Flying mermaid

    Am I jinxed?

    The normally tolerant Flying Mermaid is starting to turn into a bit of a fury and also to wonder if I am jinxed? Had to swap to QF8 instead of QF12 in order to avoid being downgraded to business. QF 8 was due in a bit later than Qf 12, but still fine to make an 8:15 flight. However we didn't...