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Search results

  1. bigjobs

    booking QF via 3rd party sites offered via Skyscanner

    generally I just book via the QF website for our travel needs when travelling with QF. Just looking at sky scanner for some flights to Japan for next year and was thinking of a stopover on the way up (Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong etc), so a different airline might be an option (hence looking at...
  2. bigjobs

    Booking Shinkansen tickets for next day

    hi. Asking here because I need a quick answer, so I hope this gets more eyes. I have a reservation for a Shinkansen from nagano to Tokyo on Wednesday. I want to switch it to tomorrow sometime and get back to Tokyo. I can't make the change online via JR East website. I think that's because...
  3. bigjobs

    QF vs CX Premium Economy

    hi there, not sure if this is the correct place to ask as some of the categories seem to have changed ... anyway ... lets see. I am interested to know about the comparison between the premium economy products on offer at QF and CX. also interested to know if I can get lounge access etc...
  4. bigjobs

    Tokyo hotel recs (1 night only)

    hi there, we need a hotel in Tokyo for 1 night. Preferably near the main train station ... we land at Narita about 6pm and then we take a Shinkansen to Iiyama the following morning about 10am or 12noon. any recommendations will be appreciated.
  5. bigjobs

    Pay 20 bucks for row 4 ... status doesn't matter

    lol, just went to select seat for flight from SYD to BNE later this week and row 4 is available for selection ... click on it and I am asked to pay 20 bucks ... WP level. What is this BS? When did it start?
  6. bigjobs

    third party qantas info website ... what's it called?

    there used to be a site containing info about qantas flights, aircraft, etc. it had what planes flew what routes, cancellations etc etc. for the life of me, i can't recall the name of it. I can see the website in my mind, just can't recall the name. I have searched multiple terms and can't...
  7. bigjobs

    Duty free ex HKG to Australia - rule change?

    so, went to purchase some booze and cosmetics in HKG last night prior to return to BNE. was told by 2 separate store attendants that anything over 100ml in liquid wasn't allowed for travel to Australia ... I thought this was odd. I've purchased moisturiser etc for wife from there in the past...
  8. bigjobs

    Bag check at Hong Kong Station, is it to your final destination?

    Morning. Flying back to BNE on QF98 tmw about 2015. Hotel check out 1200. We are going to use the airport express train and also the check in service for our bags. This way we can wander around a few hours, have a relaxing lunch etc ... Anyway, I am wondering if the airport check in will be...
  9. bigjobs

    Hong Kong - 3 nights - Which area to stay in?

    hi All, heading to Hong Kong for a few nights for an event. I've been to Hong Kong previously, but only ever transited through or stayed at the airport hotels. I've wandered around the Honk Kong Island side, never been over to Kowloon side (I think I have that correct after looking at the...
  10. bigjobs

    Velocity points expiration

    Hi there, just wondering if velocity points expire after a period of inactivity and if they do, what is the period of inactivity required before they are wiped out. thanks in advance.
  11. bigjobs

    Qantas Entertainment App - not working on iPad despite latest version updated

    so this Qantas Entertainment app has basically stopped working on my iPad. I updated it last week right before I flew out of Perth, so it is the latest version. I can get the app open, see all the menus, make a selection to start a program and then it goes to start and I just get the...
  12. bigjobs

    shanghai for the first time

    Off to Shanghai on Sunday for the first time. I'll have a busy schedule for 5 or so days that I am there, but I will have some spare time also. What are the first time visitor things to do in Shanghai? I don't mind a good hop on hop off bus tour of the city to get a quick look around. are...
  13. bigjobs

    WP on China Eastern

    WP on China Eastern Airlines ... I have to go to Shanghai next week for the first time ever. Looks like i need to travel Monday and the only flight is QF301 the codeshare with China Eastern on their plane. I've never been on China Eastern. Wondering if they are any good, wondering if we can...
  14. bigjobs

    BNE - BLR Return

    hi there, late May 18 I need to get to Bangalore from Brisbane and back again. I can see a very easy routing with BNE - SIN - BLR and the reverse. This would be on QF and Jet Airways. I notice on the QF booking site, I don't get points or SC's for the Jet Airways sectors. I am wondering if...
  15. bigjobs

    Arrive DXB 0040, leave 0730 - what do???

    hi there, so I am going to arrive into DXB from Australia on QF at 0040. I then have to fly out of DXB to Yerevan at 0730 (about 7hrs later) on Fly Dubai. Wondering what my options are on the ground for that time. is there a hotel option at the airport? lounge option? am I just going to...
  16. bigjobs

    QF - EK relationship status for QFF

    hi there, I have to get to Yerevan in Armenia in a few weeks. Seems like the most direct way is from Australia (east coast) to Dubai on QF or EK and then Fly Dubai from Dubai to Yerevan. I am in Brisbane and when I go to book a ticket to Dubai, I am able to book a QF flight number on and EK...
  17. bigjobs

    First time to Tokyo and beyond

    hi folks, first time to Japan coming up in a few weeks. we are flying in on QF from BNE to NRT. We are going to stay in the Ueno area for a couple of nights and then head up to Nozawa Onsen for some boarding and snow action. I am wondering about the train from NRT to Ueno. Is there a best...
  18. bigjobs

    QF Booking problems via their website

    Anyone else having a challenge booking via the QF website? I can get half way through a booking and the website simply 'times out' ... been like this since last night. cheers BJ
  19. bigjobs

    HKG airport hotel options?

    hi, I am on the QF BNE - HKG flight next week on Tuesday that lands at 1800 local time. I then have to get a connecting flight at 0825 in the morning to Cebu. I've never been to Hong Kong before and I am wondering about the options for staying at a convenient hotel for the evening, prior to...
  20. bigjobs

    Changing the sector on a booked ticket

    have booked a QF ticket to fly BNE - CBR on the weekend. I want to change it to be BNE - SYD ... I went online to make the change via my FF account but it seems to only let me change the time of flight only and not the destination. am I required to call them to make a change to the...